Arendelle-Loyalists - Jennings Task Force Skirmish
Yulair-Arendelle relations begin to decline.

Arendelle-Loyalists - Jennings Task Force Skirmish

Other names

The Jennings Incident


April 22nd, 2015


Arendelle (planet)


Difficult to say; both sides blame the other.




Yulairian victory

  • Arendelle Royal Guard
  • Jennings Taskforce
  • Queen Elsa
  • Sir Raccoon
  • General Jennings
  • Lieutenant Ethan Nova
  • Colonel Rosalina Dontelli
  • 500 musketeers
  • unspecified number of cannon and gatling gun teams
  • Jennings's Taskforce of 400 troops
  • Ethan's team of 150 troops
  • 214 Royal Guards incapacitated or captured
  • 26 Yulairians severely injuried

The Arendelle-Loyalists - Jennings Task Force Skirmish or "Jennings incident" refers to a battle that took place on April 22nd, 2015. Rising tensions between Yulairian General Jennings and a select number of Arendellian officials are considered the primary cause for the battle.

Arendellian Head Scientist Asami Sato had previously been detained and arrested by Yulair for unruly behavior and failing to surrender a device she had created. Following this, Queen Elsa was berated by General Jennings for being unable to control her subjects. Elsa attempted to appease Jennings by allowing Yulairian forces to search the premises of the palace for additional devices. The search failed to yield any results and after Asami's interrogation, General Jennings opted to have Queen Elsa arrested so that they could interrogate her aswell.

An initial force of roughly 40 Yulairians stormed the palace courtyard and were led by General Jennings herself. Lieutenant Ethan Nova was instructed to take his squad inside and arrest the Queen. Sir Raccoon observed the invaders from the second story of the palace and made haste to inform Queen Elsa.

Tensions reached a boiling point when the squad confronted Queen Elsa and attempted to persuade her to come quietly. Sir Raccoon ordered the Yulairians to leave or he would place them under arrest. When they failed to do so, Sir Raccoon lashed out at them and prompted a Yulairian to fire. After being temporarily incapacitated, Sir Raccoon entered his werecoon form and was able to pin many of the Yulairians with the help of Groot.

It was at this point that alarms were raised and the Royal Guard interpreted this as a Yulairian attempt to overthrow the government. The Royal Guard had been preparing for such an event ever since the Prince Hans Incident. Arendellian musketeers fired upon the Yulairians in the courtyard from the palace and castle walls. Thanks to the element of surprise, the Kingdom of Arendelle was able to win the first phase of the battle and capture a small number of Yulairians. These Yulairian prisoners were released a short while after being captured thanks to negotiations from Lieutenant Ethan Nova.

Following the palace battle, small squads of Yulairian and Arendellian troops engaged one another in the streets of the city. Phase II of the battle is considered to have officially begun following the Arendellian attempted counteroffensive. While Lieutenant Ethan's troops and Jennings's Taskforce were in the midst of engaging each other, Arendelle was unable to identity Ethan's men and mistook both sides for being the enemy. Sir Raccoon ordered his cannon teams to fire upon any Yulairians within sight, which would later turn into a major blunder as Ethan's men were no longer able to keep Jennings's troops occupied.

Jennings's taskforce stormed the palace gates by Cherryton and rammed their way through volleys of musket, cannonball, and gatling gun fire. Groot's courageous actions were able to slow their advance, but they eventually managed to break through the Royal Guard's lines and infiltrate the palace. Frantically loyal Royal Guards continued to do everything within their ability to slow Yulair's advance, but to no avail. Sir Raccoon fled the palace with Princess Anna once the battle had been lost. Groot also managed to escape and swim across the channel to shore. It was revealed that Queen Elsa had been sent away from the palace by Sir Raccoon sometime before phase II of the battle began. Colonel Dontelli had General Jennings placed under arrest for her actions once Yulair had secured the area.

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