I am Groot
He is Groot.


Full name

Sir Groot of Arendelle

Birth name



Giving tree


Unknown, presumably dirt somewhere.

  • Kingdom of Arendelle
  • All Plant Life

Flowershop owner


Knight of Arendelle


Flora colossus





He is Groot. Sir Groot of Arendelle is a flora colossus of unknown origin. He met Sir Raccoon in the forest one day, and since the recent battle against the Hobgoblins in Ashton he has become quite involved in Arendellian affairs. His actions during the Jennings Incident earned him knighthood in the kingdom, making him one of only two extant Knights of Arendelle. His vocabulary is limited to only three words: I am Groot. The reasons for this are unknown, but it doesn't seem to stop him from communicating with those closest to him.

Along with his knighthood, he was granted the deed to a shop in the capital's markeplace. He set up a flowershop called Groot's Flowershop there, and currently has two employees: Juniper Beningham and Rusty Balboa. Despite being the owner, he is only partially responsible for the shop's success since he tends to simply give the flowers away without asking for payment.

Personality Edit

Groot is generally friendly and helpful. He enjoys making people happy, and does everything he can to protect his friends. His level of intelligence is somewhat enigmatic, since he has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of wormhole physics yet also fails to grasp comparatively basic concepts.

Biology and Abilities Edit

The Flora genus contains all kinds of animate plant creatures, of which the colossus species is the largest and most hardy. Every member of the genus consists of a symbiotic relationship between a spirit and plant-like body. Flora colossus' tend to most often inhabit various kinds of tree. Groot lives in partnership with an oak tree.

To an extent, all plants contain a Flora spirit. This is why Groot can seemingly control plant life--he quite literally talks to it. He can ask it to do all kinds of things, and rouse it to grow much faster than it would naturally. However, he is unable to rouse a plant to walk if it is not predisposed to walking already.

Since Groot is basically possessing a tree, his physical biology is almost identical to that of a tree. His host body requires nutrients, water, and sunlight to live. His roots absorb water and nutrients from the soil he is walking in--if he has to seek either resource out due to not being on soil, he will. As for sunlight, Groot's spirit can provide enough energy for his body to photosynthesize, though he is usually seen with at least some leaves and can grow more should he require it.

Since trees don't feel pain, neither does Groot. Moreover, wood is much more sturdy than flesh, and he can regrow parts of himself at will. These characteristics make Groot extremely difficult to kill and a veritable defensive powerhouse.

Granted he has enough available resources, Groot can grow and shrink at will, though it is much easier for him to get bigger than smaller. Despite this, he prefers a comfortable 7-8 feet tall.

Groot has no muscles to strain or fatigue, so he can exert himself for much longer than a flesh creature before needing to stop and reinforce the structure of his appendages. This, combined with the sturdiness of his limbs, also gives him great strength.

Groot isn't sluggish like one would assume of a tree. He can run somewhat fast when he has to and can easily keep pace with humans while walking. Groot can also sit, but like all trees he prefers to stand.

Character RelationshipsEdit

Groot is generally friendly to everyone, but he has notable relationships with Sir Raccoon, Princess Anna, Ethan Nova, and Juniper Beningham.

  • Sir Raccoon and Groot are very old friends. It would take a lot to estrange them from each other.
  • Groot is quite invested in protecting Anna, due partly to her innocence and Raccoon's similar dedication to her. 
  • Groot served as something of a sidekick to Ethan for a time. Groot would follow the Lieutenant around and Ethan would offer him wisdom.
  • Junie is Groot's gardening apprentice and handles most of the actual business involved in running a flowershop. Groot doesn't understand all the things running a shop entails, so he more than likely isn't aware of how much she does.