Hades, god of the underworld





god of the underworld



Hades is the Arendellian, Minotaur, and Vampire god of the dead. Eventually his name came to refer to the abode of the dead entirely. The realm of the dead exists beneath the depths and ends of the planet. It is invisible to the living and solely inhabited by the dead. Five rivers are known to exist, with the most prominent being the Acheron. The entrance to the realm is guarded by Hades's three-headed hound, Cerberus. The realm is neither a reward nor punishment, it simply is. It is also timeless, existing in an eternal state of stasis. For those in the realm of Hades, colors become grayer and less vivid, and visitors experience a feeling of ennui. Those that visit the plane sway under its influence, losing the desire to leave, and eventually forgetting their previous lives. For visitors trapped in Hades, only the most powerful of magics can free them.

When one dies on Arendelle, their soul travels to Hades. However, it is possible to use a powerful magical spell to bring the soul back from Hades to the Material Plane by opening a portal; though doing so would subject the spell casters to the risks of visiting the Realm of the Dead.

Trivia & notes Edit

  • Hades is revered by minotaurs and vampires, but is looked upon in a more evil light by most humans.
  • It is believed that Hades is responsible for teaching the planet's natives to utilize blood magic and necromancy, thus leading to the creation of vampires and other undead.
  • Hades is said to enjoy gambling and games of chance. He enjoys taunting mortals with such games for his own entertainment.
  • Hades is unable to enter the Material Plane, as he cannot leave the Realm of the Dead. It is believed that he communed with his mortal followers by them directly visiting him through portals or some other means.