Plot synopsis for May of 2015.

Synopsis Edit

May 1st, 2015 Edit

  • A council convenes in the meeting room in the palace on Arendelle, hosted by Yulair. Attendees of note include Queen Dontelli of Arendelle, Duke Gaston of Mirefield, Duchess Snow White, Duchess Cinderella, Duchess Aurora, Duchess Rapunzel, Duke Kuzco, and Duke Aladdin. When asked for the opinions on the situation, almost the whole council denounces Yulair. However, when informed that Dontelli is merely holding the throne until Elsa returns, most of them immediately simmer down. Dontelli tells them the story of Clailurstra and how Yulair incorporated their emblem into their uniforms as a gesture of good faith. It becomes clear that they are now doing the same for Arendelle. Depite apparent resounding support for Yulair, the council votes them off the island. Rapunzel, now Queen, insists Yulair should stay until Elsa is found. Dontelli gives them two days to locate the Queen, because by then Yulair will be gone.
  • The TTverse Autobots receive a visit from OZ 34. OZ 34 carries communications from the Wizard--Ultron. Ultron informs Optimus that reality has been breached, and recruits his aid in containing the other-realmly signature which has appeared on Cybertron (the Scarlet Witch).
  • Megatron hatches a plan to accelerate Project Trypticon by enlisting the Scarlet Witch to hold the power core together. Once the sort-of-operational rubik's cube power core is installed, the ship is ready to go. Now the Space Bridge just needs to be finished...
  • Colonel Dontelli returns to Starnight and orders the Defenders to pretend they're not going to shoot the BlyDonian ships. She tells Talan that he needs to pick up Wesley and get the heck out of the gravity well. Talan complies.
  • The TTverse Autobots are putting their heads together to make an energon hauler spaceworthy. Bee expresses misgivings about there apparently being another version of him somewhere in existence.
  • Colonel Dontelli reveals that ousting the BlyDonians serves another purpose--find Wesley, find Sir Raccoon.
  • Lieutenant Wesley receives a comm from the BlyDonians as he, Fordo, Veckley, Groot, Anna, and Raccoon trek up the northern mountains. It's Admiral Talan. He says get back to the Victory young man. Wesley says, "But Admiral, I need to protect these people from Yulair!" Admiral Talan is not amused. Wesley is discharged from the BlyDonian navy. Admiral Talan informs Colonel Dontelli of this and rides off into the sunset, leaving Wesley Barnes to fend for himself, but not before lying to Dontelli about where Wesley is. Thug life.
  • Raccoon's party encounters some creepypasta thoughtless creature that moves without moving. Nothing happens.
  • Ethan is notified that the Yulairian recon forces may have located Raccoon's party thanks to Dontelli's brilliant plan to speed up the search. That's the good news. The bad news is that they're headed for an extremely large gathering of Arendellian forces. Ethan immediately begins damage control. The plan must not fail.
  • Macy finally catches up with Raccoon's party and is astonished to find Veckley with them. Princess Anna keeps them from clawing at each others' throats until Ethan arrives in a tiltrotor. Anna orders Raccoon to order the Arendelle military to stand down. He begrudgingly complies. Anna, Groot, Veckley, and Wesley enter the somewhat landed tiltrotor to speak with Ethan. Ethan is also surprised to see Veckley with them, but immediately relays his plan to stage a kidnapping of the royal family with Veckley's cooperation. In return for his help, Veckley will be forgiven for the Yulairian blood on his hands. It is his hope that something of this magnitude will succeed in getting the elusive Commodore Latanya's attention. Macy also tells Ethan about Atlantis and Hans working together. No one present is pleased. Anna swears. You know it's bad when Anna swears.

May 6th, 2015 Edit

  • Everyone on board the tiltrotor agrees to Ethan's plan. They proceed to land at the camp and keep Sir Raccoon and Queen Elsa in the dark about it. Ethan explains Jennings' arrest and Arendelle's dire need for their Queen, so Elsa and Raccoon join them on the tiltrotor and head back to the palace.
  • On the trip back, Ethan tells Elsa about how close he is with Colonel Dontelli. He also explains again the misunderstanding which culminated in Yulair taking the palace. Veckley tells everyone about the Force. Everyone drinks out of the same canteen. It's kind of gross to be honest. Wesley refuses to drink it, though.
  • The tiltrotor arrives back at the palace, where Colonel Dontelli is waiting. Elsa, Groot, and Raccoon get off the craft... AND THEN ETHAN SHOOTS THE PILOTS AND GETS AWAY IN THE TILTROTOR WITH ANNA IN IT.
  • FUCK
  • Groot and Raccoon fail to apprehend the vehicle. Ethan, Wesley, Veckley, Macy, and Anna make their escape. Elsa swears. Dontelli quickly deduces Ethan's plan and that he's an idiot for thinking it would work. Raccoon is cross with Groot for not letting him in on the plan. Dontelli comes up with a sub-plan to salvage Ethan's dumb plan. Those Yulairians and their plans. Sheesh.
  • By the way, her plan was to take over Arendelle. Again. Queen Dontelli reigns supreme for the good of Arendelle. This time Esla's in on it, though.
  • Ethan and friends jump out of a tiltrotor with some assistance from a rope. Macy's bag hits the ground hard, and she follows shortly after. She rolls away and pulls her rifle infront of her. She then pulls the bag away from the landing zone and sets her rifle in a ready position. The rest of the group follow after her. They set the tiltrotor to go hang out at a farm and give it amnesia. Hopefully it will just think it's hungover and won't give away their dastardly plan to not be hiding near it.
  • After realizing the tiltrotor was left in a dangerous condition when the entire crew had exited the vechile, Macy heroically climbs halfway up the rope and cuts it. Veckley catches her with the force as she falls, and she is thoroughly impressed. We discover Macy also encountered the shadow creatures, and she outfits the crew with some Yulairian winter gear. Stay classy, Arendelle.

May 7th, 2015 Edit

  • Commandant Mikkelsen resolves to make a final stand against Yulair on the outskirts of the city, and doesn't take any shit from Major Sunden.
  • Professor Milo Thatch tells Queen Dontelli all about the history of her newly re-taken-over Kingdom. She is fascinated. One topic of interest was Mai-Ben'Mach. It caused the Atlanteans to move underwater, and possibly caused the Hobgoblins to become hostile. The lecture is interrupted by Lieutenant Qaen and First Officer Meiser entering the room and informing the Queen that the universe is playing right into her hands. She isn't surprised. This isn't anything new.
  • Raccoon and Groot watch Mikkelsen's operations from their prison's window. They and the Queen are under house arrest until the Great Yulair-Arendelle misunderstanding is resolved.
  • Fordo appears from the woods, having slunk out of the story line a while back. He does some enigmatic Assassin's Creed-style parkour.
  • First Officer Meiser and his men set up artillery and bombard Mikkelsen and his men. It's all part of the plan somehow. Fordo sits back and watches the fireworks. That's really what they are--the Yulairian artillery is exploding long before it hits the ground, and Arendelle's cannonballs are largely ineffective as it is. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a battle of blanks. Yulairian Sentinels then engage the Royal Guard in their trenches. Eventually, the Yulairians break the defensive line while Arendelle mounts a counter-offensive, complete with cavalry and automatic weapons obtained from Asami Sato's lab. The automatic rounds catch the Yulairians off-guard, but don't cause any great harm. The sentinels breach the command dugout and apprehend Mikkelsen, notifying him of Dontelli's modified version of Ethan's plan. Mikkelsen is initially skeptical, but the Yulairians provide evidence of the veracity of their claims in the form of a skype call with Queen Elsa. Mikkelsen orders the Royal Guard to stand down. Queen Dontelli is notified.
  • Ethan, Wesley, Veckley, Macy, and Anna find a place to camp out in the mountains. Macy teaches Anna how to use a gun but her lessons are cut short when Styx attacks them. He's some kind of dark force user goblin thing. Fordo reappears during the conflict, and is promptly shot by Macy. Styx's jimmies seem rustled by Veckley's apparent jedi status, but calms a bit when he learns that Veckley is no longer a jedi (though he remains skeptical of it). Styx agrees to trade them their lives (which he will spare) for passage off the planet. The heated atmosphere simmers down a smidge and Ethan and Macy transmit a video message of them and Veckley holding Anna hostage. At the conclusion of the session, Veckley, Wesley, Styx, and Fordo leave the planet on board Wesley's shuttle, which has apparently been hidden under the sea.
  • Wesley and friends attempt to escape the system, but a mystical and unrevealed force leaves their shuttle dead in the water. Err, space water. Or something.
  • [Possibly canon but probably not] Wesley and friends use some of the stagnating oxygen in the shuttle to discuss the finer things in life. Like sexting.

May 10th, 2015 Edit

  • King Bly XVI walks through the Hall of Ministers on BlyDonia Prime with his chief of staff.
  • Yulair registers some seismic activity beneath the ocean on Arendelle.
  • Atlantis rises out of the ocean and flies away. Yulair didn't see that coming. This results in a pretty epic space battle.
  • Wesley's shuttle is dead in the space. After some glorious banter amongst the occupants (don't smoke kids, it's bad for the oxygen supply), Commodore Latanya contacts them via disabled hologram. She offers to make them Fringe operatives for Yulair, investigating the inexplicable. Wesley outright refuses. Letanya calls back later and says she really only wants Veckley, and she'll spare everyone else if he comes with her. He agrees heroically (*swoon*). Then Veckley's presence on the shuttle is erased from the occupants' memories. With power restored, Wesley flies the shuttle to Atlantis and successfully lands on the city as it hurdles through space. Well done, Welsey.
  • Veckley does a sweet trip and wakes up in a fancy cruise-liner room. After leaving the room, he is lead to a shuttle and taken down to the planet to meet with the Commodore.
  • Raccoon and Elsa question Milo about his Atlantean crystal until a Sentinel arrives and spockblocks some nice CGI effects. He sends Elsa to the throne room to meet Commodore Letanya.
  • Commodore Letanya makes a splendid entrance to the throneroom by using telekinesis on Queen Dontelli's guards. Dontelli is pretty much dumbfounded. Letanya tells her not to worry and to keep doing her job, mama L is gonna make things right. Letanya and Dontelli have a pleasant conversation, which continues up until Queen Elsa arrives in the throne room. The Commodore apologizes for all Yulair has done, and lays out her terms: Arendelle has full control over their next contract with Yulair, provided its terms are decided on by a council of representatives from both parties (with Jacobi Armana and Wolf Swizaeir representing Yulair, purely for advising purposes). Elsa accepts. Then Dontelli and Elsa bond over Dontelli's backstory. Dontelli reprises the final lessons of Lilo and Stitch: Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. Yulair and Arendelle are family now.
  • Milo and Raccoon come out of a crystal trance as a somewhat concerned Groot looks on. They are a bit shaken, but what they saw has not yet graced the prose which this synopsis draws from.
  • Fordo, Styx, and probably Wesley are taken to see the Atlantean Gem (aka the Allspark). Asami, Shellverse Bumblebee, and Kida are there. Fordo is reunited with his apparently long time friend Mouse, who is a mouse.

May 11th, 2015 Edit

  • Commodore Letanya watches a shuttle land in the palace courtyard on Arendelle. Some interestingly clad fellows step out, including Zelgo Furiox, Bruce Steelflower, and Susy Anne Ulesse. Letanya informs them that Veckley will be joining their team. Veckley arrives presently, and the trio leaves Letanya and goes to meet him. After explaining their job--the Yulairian Black Ops, in a sense (BUT NO KILLING)--Susy and Bruce go about their businees, leaving Zelgo to bond with Veckley.
  • Fordo and Wesley meet Kida and reunite with Shellverse Bumblebee. Wesley tells Kida that she may be able to find asylum for her people with BlyDonia. Kida tells Wesley about how Atlantis came to be underwater. I'll go and mine that from the chat log later. Wesley then tells Kida the history of BlyDonia.
  • Ethan, Macy, and Princess Anna make their way through the woods. Ethan feels he handled the situation with Styx poorly, and Macy continues teaching Anna how to use a rifle, perturbing Ethan even more. They briefly touch on some galactic politics before a tiltrotor arrives to pick them up.
  • Zelgo and Veckley talk about Yulair and their ways.
  • Commodore Letanya and Corporal Dontelli are there to welcome Ethan, Macy, and Anna back to the palace. Elsa, Raccoon, and Groot welcome Anna back with lots of hugs. Letanya reminds Dontelli that in all chaos there is grace and purpose. The Commodore half scolds them, and Jennings makes an appearance. Jennings tries to apologize to Elsa but ends up breaking down. She cries. Ethan comforts her. Then everyone gets run over by the feels train. Commodore Letanya relieves Amala Company (including Ethan and Macy) and Jennings of their duties due to PTSD. Ethan fights this, but seems to give in before Wolf has to go to bed.
  • DR. Tourny arrives over BlyDonia to catch up with his old friend, King Bly XVI. Turns out King Bly is organizing a ball!
  • Atlantis arrives on the edge of BlyDonian space. Wesley contacts his people, who deliberate about whether or not to let Atlantis in.

May 12th, 2015 Edit

  • At the Palace, Ethan gives Queen Elsa his sister's service cross (probably) and says he wants it back some day. It's an emotional gesture. Commodore Letanya says that Amala Company will probably return soon, after some rehab. There's lots of hugging. After they depart, Letanya gets down to business. She tells Elsa that Atlantis' departure has adversely affected her kingdom, and also that Yulair intends to bring legal action down on Atlantis. Letanya tells her the Arendelle stands to make a huge profit from the lawsuit. Elsa agrees to cooperate with Yulair on the lawsuit. She also agrees to let a fallen Sentinel be laid to rest in her kingdom, as per request of her squadmates. Letanya tells her to head to the contract making room when she's ready and gives her the funeral side quest, and goes over to brief Zelgo, Bruce, Susy, and Veckley about her plan.
  • Wolf, DR. Tourny, and Bly facetime. Wolf gives them the scoop about Atlantis. Yulair is going to send cops to issue a warrant for arrest for Asami Sato and Shellverse Bumblebee, Asami for her crimes against Arendelle and Bumblebee because they need him to investigate the interdimensional activity. It is agreed that their trial will most likely be held on BlyDonia.
  • The aforementioned funeral occurs. Just sit down and cry for 30 minutes and you'll have received the full effect. Make sure you're really sobbing. Then it's over.

May 13th, 2015 Edit

  • Sir Raccoon meets with Captain Jack Sparrow, Mr. William Turner, and Mr. Gibbs. He relays to them the unfortunate news that the Duchy of Weselton has become a vassal of the Kingdom of the South Isles. Two important topics of the meeting were the addition of Pykrete, a more sturdy and slow-melting form of ice that could work as supplemental armor for ships, and a battleplan for a counter-invasion when the Kingdom of the South Isles attacks. Raccoon successfully entices the whimsical captain to spearhead the assault with promises of increased wealth. At the conclusion of the meeting, Raccoon says he's going to go look into some kind of bolt action rifle a gunsmith in Ashton has invented.

May 17th, 2015 Edit

  • Yulair and Arendelle have a meeting about the contract. Among the new terms are: 1. Royal guard can do what it wants during lockdown; 2. Yulair is allowed to confiscate dangerous technologies because no super weapons pls; 3. Yulair can't talk to the Kingdom of the South Isles because fuck those guys. Also fuck everyone else who isn't Arendelle to a lesser extent; 4. Sir Raccoon is the law and Yulair has to drop their weapons; 5. Yulair has to run arrests by Arendelle after they make them to make sure they are appropriate. The royal guard has to be in on it if they're going to arrest royalty or similar; 6. Aliens are bad and should feel bad. Arrest them; 7. Yulair is border patrol and has complete control over what aliens Arendelle can talk to; 8. You can only make things Yulair and the Queen say you can make; 9. Go green, folks; 10. All patents go through Yulair; 11. All technological development will be overseen and advised by Yulair and Armana; 12. Yulair wants to know how its driving is, call the phone number pictured; 13. Yulair can bitch slap the government if the populace wants them to; 14. The sentinels will be removed in favor of Yulair Civic Service personnel (social workers instead of soldiers). Eugene will be overseeing them. Aubrey and Gary are joining the Arendelle high council. Commodore Letanya will be Yulair's eye in the sky. Colonel Dontelli will be Yulair's feet on the ground. Edythe will look after Arendelle's economy, and Shane will handle policing and social issues. Pedro oversees everyone except Letanya, Dontelli, Eugene, and Braxton. Wilbur will be running the research tree. Everyone signs the new contract and Wolf pulls a party whistle out of nowhere. Raccoon raises him a bugle, but everyone regrets allowing him to do this.
  • Wesley and Fordo talk about Fordo's Stack'em addiction on Atlantis. Wesley offers him a spot in the BlyDonian military but Fordo refuses the offer.
  • Wolf invites Lisa and Hannah to En'ton. Elsa says that she and her sister would be delighted to come.
  • Groot makes a flower garden and Wolf cons some pretty ladies into rubbing his belly. Raccoon bought some sunglasses, but gave them to Groot as an apology for not remembering he was from space.

May 18th, 2015 Edit

  • Commodore Letanya meets with Bruce, Susy, Veckley, and Zelgo in the temporary Yulairian airfield on Arendelle. She gives them their mission: kidnap Prince Hans. Once briefed, Shadowrails 1 hops onto a transport carrying the <unnamed ship> and flies off towards the South Isles.
  • Veckley is outfitted with Shadowrails gear, and the group jumps out of the transport over a South Isles military parade.
  • Prince Hans meets with his brother, King Eric, and they discuss some nefarious plans to force Arendelle to loosen their grip on one of their colonies, Vlenoya. They will cut off the Arendellian supply ships. The blockade and naval defenses will be lead by Admiral James Norrington, scourge of the seas... for now.
  • Shadowrails 1 lands in a park outside the palace. Zelgo and Bruce sneak in through a second floor window without incident. Susy decides the mission is too easy and ups the difficulty by adding a side mission to find intel about what the South Isles are planning. Zelgo is fooled by some pillows. Well played, Raccoon. Well played.

May 21st, 2015 Edit

  • Susy sasses Veckley. The fourth wall is shattered as he proclaims himself the sassmaster 'round these parts. The pair exemplify their extraordinary skills in climbing a rope. Susy uses her magic goggles to scan the palace while Veckley indulges in taking a peek around the liquor cabinet of the parlor. She instructs him to go to a large room on the next floor and comm her when he's there. She also double checks to make sure he knows that the lightsaber is a fancy box cutter only and the higher the body count, the lower his overall score. Yulair don't play by no regular rules.
  • The two begin sneaking. Veckley takes his magic goggles off because he thinks Force > technology. ... He's kinda right. Susy sneaks by some occupied rooms and Veckley sneaks into the throneroom where he bypasses a guard checking out the parade from the windows. Susy stalks a heat signature to check who it is after coming across a door he exited, leaving it slightly cracked open. After seeing it to be an officer, she enters the room, finding a plethora of naughty things. No, not like that. There are sketches, photographs and various information regarding Yulairian technology (specifically the Globetrotter, tiltrotor and main line SPAG) and the Arendelle capital. On another table there is a disassembled Sato pistol and an obviously superior Japagerman pistol design next to it.
  • Susy takes pictures before seriously investigating the room. Remember, super sleuths. Photos first, investigation later. You can always check your pics and selfies after dispatching the inconveniently timed alarm forcing you to retreat. Also, evidence is fun.
  • Susy takes this time for an internal dialogue, reasoning that the reason the Commodore wants Hans is likely to question him about Atlantis. She figures Asami was cooperating with the Isles and that's how they got the Sato revolver. The revolver provides additional evidence in the court cases and shows that Asami was working against the crown. She weighs out leaving them there or taking them and decides that if she is to take them, their disappearance could place suspicion on Atlantis, making Hans and the Isles more willing to cooperate in the legal action against Atlantis. Plus, if those are the only models they had, they can't exactly continue to try producing them without their designs still in their hands. So obviously she snatches that snuff up.
  • Susy sneaks out of the room with her souvenirs, leaving the door cracked as it was when she entered. Remember, super sleuths. Always leave things exactly how you found them. Veckley informs her he's in the throne room after the guard gets bored of the parade and leaves. He tells her he's going to go check out a set of doors and see what's behind them while she makes her way back to the room they entered from.
  • Herounit briefly steals Creed's body. Wolf poofs and Raccoon gets inside Susy. No no. Not like that.
  • Veckley finds a plethora of documents, including a map with arrows pointing towards Arendelle City and Ruthorham Beach in Mirefield. Atlantis is underlined with "Where did they go???" written under it. Those rascally Atlanteans didn't even say goodbye. Susy affirms her intelligence with herself as she watches Veckleycam, her earlier suspicions confirmed that the South Isles weren't aware of their plans. This would put a damper on Letanya's interrogation plans but with the new evidence that's just a-okay because there's newer, better, juicier gossip to hash over. Invasion plans duly noted, Susy asks him to check out a book while he's there. Except without a library card. And not by literally taking it. By opening it. It's King Eric's personal diary. Susy gets excited because they can publish it and embarrass him. Veckley thinks she's serious for a second. She's not and tells him to check the last few entries among the ramblings and political mumbo jumbo:
  • Journal Entry #1: "My scientists have produced a new weapon that may be of some use to us if we are forced to go to war with Arendelle. They refer to it as "Chlorine gas." A deadly chemical concealed within a metal cylinder that is unleashed after being launched toward the enemy. If breathed in, it reacts with the water in the mucosa of the lungs to form hydrochloric acid. A very painful way to die. I have been told that it has the appearance of a greenish yellow mist when released. Provisions have been made for these canisters to be mass-produced."
  • They note that this puts them as the first for chemical weapon developments on the planet. Achievement unlocked. The Commodore is gonna love this stuff. Veckley asks if he can utilize his box cutter on people's limbs. Susy denies him the pleasure but is nonetheless very disappoint in the Southern Isles.
  • Journal Entry #2: "Today I met with my war council before sending off a letter to Queen Elsa. Their activity in Vlenoya is unacceptable. The Kingdom of the South Isles has a legitimate claim to the entire continent, yet they continue to trespass and plant colonies of their own. We have demanded that they completely withdraw from Vlenoya immediately - or there will be severe consequences. Also, our new ally, the Duke of Weselton was kind enough to send us a prototype weapon that his people have been working on. I believe that this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
  • Veckley figures they have to find the weapon. Susy's already two steps ahead of him (hint: pistols). The two consider the situation and determine that they weren't necessarily studying the Sato revolver but reverse engineering it, possibly for mass production. Susy notes they haven't heard of anything about threats from the South Isles from Elsa. They check the date on the second entry they checked and see it marked as the same day, explaining why they haven't heard anything. Susy determines if a war breaks out it could easily become global. Veckley hopes Elsa signs the contracts soon but Susy explains that even though she was supposed to very recently, they still need authorization from the Core Senate to get involved in the war. She instructs him to do as all good super sleuths do and put things back as he found them before he returns back to the room they entered from, leaving Zelgo and Bruce to finish their mission of kidnapping pretty boy Hans. DUN DUN DUN... Stay tuned! We'll be back Monday at 7/8 Central! Maybe. Hopefully. Probably. *screen shuts off*

May 26th, 2015 Edit

  • Hope you weren't waiting too long, synopsis readers. Sorry we lied to you about the date. Anyway, Zelgo Furiox and Bruce Steelflower are still on the second floor of the palace checking rooms. Bruce happens upon a window into a dining hall where he spots Prince Hans exiting the room.
  • Zelgo moves off in pursuit while Bruce continues scanning rooms.
  • Zelgo climbs out a second story window to the ground floor, finding himself in a courtyard with a rotunda. A guard comes out to smoke but is soon knocked out by Zelgo, who frames it on Henriksen.
  • Bruce finds Hans' room at length. Zelgo finds Hans, but he's got company. They're about to finally find Zelgo when the episode ends.

May 29th, 2015 Edit

  • I think Zelgo narrowly avoids being detected by Prince Hans, but that is left unclear. He climbs onto the ceiling.
  • Queen Elsa wants Sir Raccoon to go undercover as a Chevalier, to destroy their foreboding organization from within. Sir Raccoon wants Queen Elsa to listen to his advice more often, instead of always giving him the cold shoulder (*laugh track*). Queen Elsa says he's hotheaded and his advice usually isn't her best course of action, but nonetheless agrees to listen to him more if he brings Princess Anna with him wherever he goes.
  • Groot is knighted Sir Groot of Arendelle by the Queen. She also gives him the deed to a shop in the town square. I am Groot!
  • Captain Barbossa encounters Princess Anna in the courtyard and practices his chivalric wiles. Raccoon and Groot see this and move to intercept. The smooth pirate accidentally reveals to Anna that Raccoon is planning to invade the South Isles. We learn that Raccoon hasn't cleared his plans with any of the royalty (what a rascal that guy). Barbossa refuses to participate in the war effort without the Queen's consent, and takes his leave. He says Raccoon knows to find him, no doubt in some salty tavern or other.