Queen Kida Nedakh

Queen Kida Nedakh

Full name

Kidagakash “Kida” Nedakh

Birth name

Kidagakash Nedakh






Easily over 880 years ago, if not more.


Atlantean Empire (Queen), Blydonia (Ally), Arendelle (Neutral), Yulair (Enemy)




Isolationist, Skeptic, Pragmatist, Possibly has some lingering PTSD from the Mai-Ben'Mach.




Northern Atlantean




King Nemoy (Deceased), Queen Margath (Deceased)




Asami Sato

Early Life Edit

Pre Mai-Ben'Mach Edit

Kida was born into the Atlantean royal family during the height of their civilization. At the time, her grandfather was still ruler of Atlantis while she was but a child. However, something happened that involved the Atlantean crystal heart being tampered with, and several previously neutral or allied nations coming to blows. The result was the Mai-Ben'Mach.

While still extremely young for an Atlantean, some of the events that took place near or in the capital city remain ingrained in Kida's mind to this day. More than one attempt was made on the royal family and Atlantean society took a major toll from the misuse of their technologies for war. To make matters worse for her, Kida lost her mother, who offered herself up and became the crystal heart's conduit to protect her people.

She rarely speaks of these events and few are aware she can recall the world before all that had happened. There is nothing more personal to her than the trials her people went through, and it is believed this is why she joined her father in favoring isolation after the Mai-Ben'Mach ended.

After Mai-Ben'Mach Edit

Kida matured and grew in a broken world. Her father, King Nemoy's reign began when his father passed away and his wife ascended as next the crystal guardian, leaving her as his only family left. They became each others' pillar as the remnants of the Atlantean Empire tried to rebuild. As Kida grew and became ready for engaging in politics, they soon found they also tempered each other.

King Nemoy grew to fear unlocking any of the mysteries his father's generation had discovered, leaving hundreds of years of knowledge banned, or restricted. Kida however worked to retain the people's culture, enabling them to take heart and survive despite the harsh circumstances. The young princess became the face of the royal government, proving to be an effective speaker both for the people and for the crown. It was in helping her people that she healed her own mental scars as best she could.

Rebuilding An Empire Edit

For many centuries, while the topside rebuilt, Atlantis remained almost in a stasis. While the empire constructed new means of travel and some technology was slowly unbanned, they were still held back significantly. While she was not Queen in name for several more years, she effectively worked in equal capacity to her father by the end of his reign. It was around this time they made first contact with the outside world. First, they encountered a brief war with the far more primitive Kingdom of Arendelle. Three Atlanteans died, but afterward, neutrality was declared. King Nemoy favored banning other nations from using the water ways, but Kida realized the benefit of letting traders pass through.

As such, while the neutrality accords with Arendelle lasted a decade, she was able to grant greater leeway to the island nation of Weselton and the confederation known as The Southern Isles. It would also be during the negotiations with Weselton that she would first meet Asami Sato. While this led to a confused start to negotiations, the pair ended up getting each nation on far more agreeable terms than expected, as well as growing into a friendship.

Asami Sato Edit

In the intervening years when Asami studied abroad, she frequented Atlantis, often under guise of some formalities for the trade agreements, but instead often absorbing information. It was her willingness to explore and seek out what was forgotten that almost ruined their friendship, but instead strengthened it. As Kida looked at the prospect of becoming Queen, she realized that Atlantis couldn't hide any longer from its past or its future. With Asami's help, she was able to uncover decades worth of knowledge. While King Nemoy did not approve, he acknowledged that his say no longer carried any significant weight by comparison to his daughter's.

Asami and Kida became inseparable over the next few years, their friendship growing into something more as they worked towards bettering Atlantis. Asami was also Kida's main crutch when her father passed away. By the time Kida ascended to the throne, the Duke of Weselton had begrudgingly approved of the union. However, it was not too long after this that Arendelle made contact with Atlantis again. Asami was drawn away in an effort to try and also help Arendelle like she and Kida had helped Atlantis. Kida tolerated her wish because of her faith in Asami.

During the intervening years, Kida kept in touch, and attempted to slowly establish better standing with Arendelle. However, she also began to tire of Asami's distance, questioning if Arendelle would be worth such an investment. Her disillusionment ironically paid off, as Atlantis remained relatively out of Yulair's hair when the new interplanetary faction landed. However, it was also now that Kida's memories of the Mai-Ben'Mach became more vivid, as she began noticing parallels.

Atlantis' Exile Edit

At first, Kida wished to aid Arendelle and Yulair and attempt to stop the conflict, at the behest of Asami. However, witnessing both with her own eyes and through the reports of her informants, she grew more reserved and cold to the conflict beyond Atlantis' walls. She had begun considering the lengths Atlantis would need to go to permanently close itself off, when by chance, the Decepticon Bumblebee revealed some startling information. The crystal heart of Atlantis was none other than the Cybertronian All-Spark.

What this meant was that Bumblebee, Kida, and Asami were able to unlock far more of what had been lost to Atlanteans for close to a millennia. The capital itself could transform and take them away from Arendelle, if need be. Queen Kida chose this option after the conflict topside grew more intense, and erred further towards past mistakes. Asami and Kida clashed on this issue, but in the end, Asami relented, planning to somehow still aid Arendelle afterward.

What took place afterward was a whirlwind of an escape. Atlantis expended a number of its scout krakens just to keep the Yulair at bay, and eventually flew into the political asylum of Blydonia. However, in the process of doing this and proving their innocence, Asami and all Atlanteans were banned from Arendelle. Asami took this hard, and partially blamed Kida. Ever since, they have been distant, while trying to establish Atlantis in its new home on a Blydonian nature preserve.

Trivia Edit

  • Kida is the only princess in a Disney film that has her full name revealed.
  • Much like in the film version of Atlantis, Milo Thatch and Kida met during a tense conflict. In this case, Milo was the diplomat who bartered the truce and became the first Arendellian to visit Atlantis. However, unlike in the film, they remain in a purely platonic friendship.
  • Kida is the second oldest main character from Arendelle, with the oldest being The Outsider.
  • Originally, Kida and Atlantis on a whole were to feature a great deal more in the main plot of Arendelle. Macy threatening to call down the Yulairian armaments on Atlantis put a quick and unpleasant end to this plot thread.
  • Kida still has her pet lavadog from Altantis: Milo's Return.
  • Kida wears both the crystal necklace she was given as a young girl and her father's. This is actually considered a taboo in Atlantean culture, so the second necklace is usually hidden from view.