Dates listed are the dates on which the events were role-played, not the in-universe date they occurred.

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June 4th, 2015 Edit

  • Queen Elsa invites Colonel Dontelli to the palace to discuss some things Yulair might be interested in knowing. Dontelli's interest is piqued and she visits the High Constable's office. It is revealed that Sir Raccoon (and the Arendellian government) had been keeping tabs on Asami Sato for quite sometime before the Jennings incident.
  • Sir Raccoon states that during Atlantis's exit, he caught Milo using an Atlantean crystal to communicate with Asami. The High Constable relays to Dontelli the information Asami told him during their telepathic conversation. He also names Milo as a person of interest.
  • Dontelli is intrigued by Milo's involvement and requests that Elsa sign an arrest warrant so that Yulair may learn more from him. Elsa complies and Dontelli puts Sir Raccoon in charge of carrying out the arrest.

June 6th, 2015 Edit

  • Zelgo is pulling off some serious assassin's creed-style stealth shit throughout the palace whilst following Hans. He watches Hans meet up with some armed guards to retrieve a briefcase from the palace treasury.
  • Blah blah blah corridors, blah blah blah halls, blah blah blah door. Hans reaches his bedroom door and turns the knob. The door opens right up because somebody forgot to re-lock it as it was originally. Hans immediately suspects something's up and has one of the two guards go into the room to check it out. Meanwhile Bruce Steelflower has become Batman and is doing some body stretches in the ceiling corner of Hans's bedroom that would put Olympic gymnasts to shame. The guard searches under the bed and doesn't find anything. He's just about to give the all clear when he spots Bruce in the corner. They make totally non-homosexual eye contact for a few moments before the guard fires at Bruce. Rat-a-tat-tat-tat! SMG > musket. Bruce wastes the guard.
  • Zelgo ices that guard motha fucka still in the hallway like a true gangsta as Hans starts high-stepping his prissy ass outta there. *Benny Hill theme*
  • Hans manages to disappear within the maze of corridors and Zelgo is recalled back outside. Bruce locks the bedroom door and tries to clean things up as more soldiers show up to investigate. The soldiers start trying to kick down the door, but Bruce equips one of their uniforms and opens said door for them. See, Bruce, being the smartest duke boy in hazzard county...decided to disguise one of the fallen guards with his Yulairian getup. This leads to some pretty amusing dialogue between Bruce and the soldiers.
  • Eventually the soldiers start messing around with Bruce's SMG. The Yulairian attempts to trick them into letting him get hold of it again, but they ain't falling for it. They're just about to call him out on not being an actual soldier when Zelgo throws a flashbang in through the window. Everyone is blinded. In the chaos, Bruce wrangles the SMG from a soldier and guns down everyone in the room. Zelgo and Bruce promptly begin cleaning up the room, recollecting Bruce's gear, and picking up empty bullet casings. What a shitshow.
  • Prince Hans begins fleeing the palace via carriage. Susy spots him and commandeers a carriage to follow them. There is a shootout between the South Isles carriage driver and Susy as a high-speed carriage chase unfolds. At some point during the chase, Susy leaps from her carriage onto the South Isles one. *Indiana Jones theme* She manages to cleverly incapacitate the driver and take Hans captive. She orders Hans to handcuff himself to the driver and then forces him to walk a quarter mile down the road to free some horses. 'Cuz horse lives matter, motha fucka.
  • Eventually the team rendevous and boards a tiltrotor. Once onboard the tiltrotor, Hans is promptly knocked the FUCK out. Susy and Veckley see a shadowy figure moving across the night sky just before boarding. Veckley recognizes it as the shadow that had stalked him and the others in the woods prior. Swiggity swooty, Slenderman is coming for that booty.
  • Commodore Letanya debriefs the team (excluding Veckley) and isn't impressed. She reprimands them for being so reckless and states they should be embarrassed for having done so poorly against some "late-sailing age housesitters". What the fuck do they think this is? Foelin's Brigade? Yulair demands excellence.

June 7th, 2015 Edit

  • Prince Hans is interrogated by Yulair and Commodore Letanya. This just confirms a lot of stuff that Yulair already knows. The South Isles appear to be deeply interested in the continent of Vlenoya and are unwilling to share with Arendelle. Eventually Letanya pulls off some physic mindfuckery to cause Hans to faint or something. He wakes up back inside his bedroom at the South Isles palace.
  • Sir Raccoon and the Royal Guard show up at the Milo Thatch residence to make an arrest. The door is open and they storm inside the building. After a few minute search, they discover Milo dead on the second floor with his atlantean crystal broken. Yulair takes over the investigation which has now become a murder case.
  • Atlantis is finally given clearance to enter the BlyDonian system. Yulair also shows up. Yulairian Admiral Leighton and BlyDonian Admiral Paulous have a semi-heated exchange on political and legal boundaries. Queen Kida meets with BlyDonian Ambassador Turlus.
  • Altantis's probable political asylum is further discussed before Yulair is given permission to land upon Atlantis and serve warrants. The Yulairian warrant team is led by Naval Sergeant Krystal Delacroix. Ayyyy girl, is you a carpenter? Cuz I got some wood that needs sanding. Giggity. Ahem. Anyways, Kida is given a stack of papers listing all of the cool GTA stats she's racked up. Styx is also arrested because he's not an Atlantean citizen and therefore not protected by the political asylum.

June 10th, 2015 Edit

The following is a simulated RP session for June 10th, 2015.

  • BlyDonia attempts to have Arendelle's charges thrown out because it does not recognize the Kingdom of Arendelle as a sovereign state. Yulair counters by stating if BlyDonia is willing to recognize a city-state of only a couple thousand people, that it is ridiculous not to recognize a planetary nation that consists of millions. BlyDonia then decides to recognize Arendelle's charges alongside Yulair's.
  • Yulair agrees not to prosecute Asami Sato, but keeps her charges on record. She is banned from Yulairian and Arendellian space.
  • Ultron comes forward and offers to pay for the damages inflicted by Atlantis. Yulair accepts and agrees to let Atlantis off the hook. However, Yulair states that Atlantis is banned from Arendellian space. Should Atlantis pass through Arendellian space again, they will be engaged on-sight.
  • Bumblebee is arrested and placed into Yulairian custody because he is not an Atlantean citizen. Therefore Bumblebee is not protected by the asylum granted to Atlantis.
  • Atlantis is granted permission to settle upon one of BlyDonia's nature reserve planets.

June 12th, 2015 Edit

  • The Conjurer arrives at the Selve'air with Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Groot, and Shadowrails 1 in tow. We find out TV is outlawed on Arendelle, because it doesn't exist. Talk about authoritarian, amirite? Naw'mean?
  • The Yulairians are all very pleased to be returning home. Elsa, Anna, and Groot are lead to the hangar by some Guardians and Commodore Letanya. They go to an observation area and watch the view as the Conjurer drops out of hyperspace in the system, revealing a view of En'ton, Yulair, and the magic floating space city in between them. CGI costs skyrocket. Elsa thinks its pretty cool.
  • The group departs on a shuttle and arrives at the idyllic city of Neumuer on En'ton. CGI costs continue to climb. They're getting a bit winded. Dontelli meets them on the runway, along with her squad of hooded ninjas. After initial greetings, one of the ninjas is revealed to be Ethan Nova himself!
  • Dontelli and Ethan relate that Yulair is currently mourning the fall of Yulair, but the next day will be a rebirth celebration full of joy and happiness and general festivity.
  • Dontelli drives Elsa, Anna, and Groot to Manorhouse De'maugeir where they meet with Commander Wolf and President Hoosier. It is revealed that Yulair is beginning to become concerned with the presence of Chevaliers in the Arendellian populance.
  • Elsa assures them that the government is currently investigating the Chevaliers and is planning to prosecute any officials involved with them. Political party involvement is strictly illegal in the Kingdom of Arendelle. She also reveals that Royal Guard Intelligence has noticed that Gaston, Cinderella, and Aurora have withdrawn all of their funds from the national bank.
  • King Eric's letter reaches the Arendellian Palace. Sir Raccoon has a reply letter typed up while Rapunzel, Aubrey, and Gary spectate. They all three take issue with Sir Raccoon's letter, believing it to be too aggressive and looking to provoke a response. Sir Raccoon becomes insulted, rips up the letter, and storms out of the room. Aubrey then takes the liberty of taking up a replacement letter which is given to Rapunzel. Rapunzel thanks Aubrey, before setting off to send it.

June 13th, 2015 Edit

  • Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Groot, Ethan Nova, and Rosalina Dontelli meet outside En'ton's Palacecademy. There they meet Ethan's son, Wilmer! Wilmer makes some crude jokes (apparently) and is on his way. Dontelli takes her leave to "run some errands" (mhm mhm). Ethan is the only remaining Yulairbro to give the royal entourage a tour.
  • The first stop is the palace art gallery, featuring many heroic statues, with the centerpiece being a tree memorial for some soldiers who got lost during the Alpha Omega Siege.
  • The second stop brings the entourage to an Armana Office on the 3rd floor, where Anna messes with a 3D virtual model of a Cherryton, much to Ethan's disillusioned bemusement. They move on to another 3rd floor office, where Ethan shows them the medical and autoaeronautical wonders of Yulair.

June 17th, 2015 Edit

  • Ethan shows Elsa, Anna, and Groot a live feed of Carla, who is out helping direct traffic on some planet. Carla goes and finds Ribero, aka "Ribeye", and he talks to the Queen. He's a bro. After hanging up on Carla, Ethan and Elsa discuss the Chevalier problem on Arendelle. Ethan thinks their opinions matter. Elsa thinks their opinions don't bode well for her kingdom.
  • A Capita Council relief fleet arrives over Unidia to assist with relief efforts following a massive earthquake. Admiral Komec and Admiral Ploan descend to the planet and meet King Uunal, who explains the situation to them: Hospitals are crippled, people are missing, and volcanos are erupting.
  • Styx and Veckley are dropped off at Euunbul, where Letanya meets them. She scolds Veckley briefly, before asking him to get the skinny on Styx. Veckley complies, and learns that Styx has no idea how old he is, what he is, where he comes from, or how he got to Arendelle. We do know that he was taken into the Jedi Order at a very young age, however, and had a strained relationship with someone called Padawan Yogurt. At least we're not back to square one.
  • On Unidia, Andurian relief worker Buck Hayes is working hard to combat a lava flow that is threatening a town. Warren arrives to help, and the two of them work with the able-bodied townspeople to dig trenches and build walls to redirect the flow of the lava away from the town and into the ocean (Warren's idea). Unidian military police, lead by Abigail, arrive on the scene with fresh supplies and assist in the defense effort. Just as the lava hits, some of the townspeople are trapped in the trenches they were digging, unable to leap over the wall. Before their trenches can become their graves, Kortorisan relief shuttles swoop over and beam them out of harm's way. The trenches and walls are mildly successful at redirecting the lava, but ultimately crumble before nature's awesome power. Luckily, the Kortorisans brought deployable forcefields. With the town safe, the shuttles turn to bring the townspeople to the nearest hospital.
  • The shuttles arrive at Kom Memorial Hospital. There is not at all enough space for all the patients, especially in the hospital's crippled state. The shuttles land, drop off their passengers, and leave. Doctor Tou organizes the new arrivals.
  • Sir Raccoon is in his office with Steve (Scott's brother), and Duchess Rapunzel. He's pouring over correspondences between Milo and Mr. Doppler (whoever that dude is). Scott relieves his brother of duty just in time for Raccoon to find the letter Milo sent to Raccoon, telling him that he's being hunted and that he or someone else was next. Spooky, right? Raccoon flips out and commands Rapunzel to shut down the press. No more news. NO MORE NEWS.
  • Duchess Aurora receives a visit from Mr. Tall Dark and Spooky, who stops time and kills her with a letter opener. He then goes to meet up with Dark Lord Gaston, who planned that for extra news coverage. What a guy.

June 18th, 2015 Edit

  • Elsa is able to use the wonders of Yulairian comms to check up on Sir Raccoon and receive an update on events happening on Arendelle. She later watches the Yulairian festival transition from the mourning phase to the "shed the darkness" phase from her room's balcony.
  • The next morning, Elsa and Anna have breakfast in the garden outside the palaceacademy. SUDDENLY, A GIANT FURRY ARM REACHES OUT OF THE BUSHES AND STEALS DELICIOUS JUICY BACON OFF OF THE PLATES OF THE TWO ROYALS! Surprise! One of En'ton's native sloth people has snuck onto the palaceacademy campus.
  • Slothbro eases his way out of the bushes and seats himself at the table of the two royals and begins imparting some of his wisdom unto them.
  • Ethan and Dontelli show up and are like, "Damnit? Again?! I told you to get the fuck out of the threatre buddy!" They prepare to forcefully remove the sloth from the table, but Anna intervenes on his behalf, stating that Slothbro is friendly and entertaining. She even gives Slothbro the rest of her breakfast because Disney Princesses gotta stay skinny yo. I'm all about dat skeleton. Dat skeleton. Moar salad.
  • Ethan and Dontelli reluctantly allow Slothbro to stay while they discuss today's activities! Dontelli once again sticks Ethan with the duty of escorting those fockin' Arendellian tourists around while she goes and gets wasted or something off-screen. Slothbro disappears into the bushes ninja-style by the time they're finished talking. Groot stays behind to hang out with the sloth.
  • Ethan, Anna, and Elsa then leave the palaceademy grounds and head toward a Braisley staff car. Ethan then informs the two royals that today Anna will be learning how to drive! But don't worry, Yulair's insurance is good. Elsa buckles her seatbelt and prepares for the worse.
  • After Anna's driving lesson, the royals return to their quarters to get ready for the gala. Groot rejoins them just as Ethan is pinning the Yulairian pendant onto Elsa's fancy dress. The group head next door to the Grand Yulairian Gala.
  • At the Gala, there are many speeches about how great Yulair and it's people are. Groot gets a bowl for his feet, Anna pretends she has ice powers, and Anna, Wilmer, and Wolf play a spectacular prank on Letanya that ends with Wolf's tongue on her thigh. It was glorious. After the Grand Shenanigans Gala, they head to Ethan's mud-racing afterparty.
  • At the mud party, Elsa drives a cherryton. We also meet Jessah, Wilmer's bae. Or something.
  • The group goes back to the palacecademy.
  • Sir Raccoon, Commandant Mikkelsen, and Scott go to meet Dr. Doppler at the Ice Palace. They find Olaf instead. Frustrated, Raccoon takes Scott up some stairs.
  • They find Dr. Doppler, who informs them that he is also in possession of the exact same letter from Milo that Raccoon just received in the mail! SPOOP! We also learn that Milo was extremely fearful of former classmate Harrison Ford, who really kicked his aft in a fight once.
  • A mysterious assailant from Dishonored causes an avalanche outside the Ice Palace after killing two of the mage guards, destroying the ice bridge.

June 20th, 2015 Edit

  • Elsa and Anna awaken to find Yulairian sentinels running around making a ruckus. Braxton tells them they're training or something (yeah right). Amid the carnage, they go down to the garden and join Dontelli and Ethan for tea. Slothbro makes an appearance and asks Elsa about her ice powers without anyone having told him she had them. Ethan tells them that the enigmatic sloths perform spooky feats like this often, like reading off Miranda rights for themselves without being literate.
  • After being given several choices as to where they could go next for their tour, Elsa thoroughly rejects basejumping in favor of Vuria, a Yulairian snow training camp.
  • At Vuria they meet Gideon Gorsin, who occupies some sort of leadership position.

June 24th, 2015 Edit

  • The Royals visit Vuria Academy and meet with Yulairian Overseer Gideon. They learn from Gideon that a team of sentinels have gone missing in the Shadow Regions of the planet. Ethan believes that the sloths might have useful information that could lead to the whereabouts of the missing sentinels. Because of Anna's earlier successful interactions with the sloth people, he suggests that she be the one to talk to them.
  • Groot, Dontelli, Ethan, Elsa, and Anna travel by tiltrotor to an encampment of sloth. Immediately upon spotting the Yulairians, the sloths stop what they are doing and begin laying upon the ground as though exhausted. Groot picks a couple of them up and pisses them off. He proceeds to drop them and is told what a rude bastard he is.
  • After Ethan is sent away for not being spritely enough, the sloths confide in Anna what needs to be done to save the missing sentinels. Apparently the sentinels have witnessed something that the plainsdwellers do not want them to be able to report and have sent the shadows to consume them. The sloths warn Anna that any who venture in after the sentinels will also be consumed. They relate that the best course of action would be to have Elsa use her powers to guide them toward the light.
  • Anna thanks the Sloths and tells the others of the Sloth plan. Ethan believes it's genius and we're left with a cliffhanger.

June 26th, 2015 Edit

  • Duchess Rapunzel receives an unexpected visit from Aubrey and Gary. They inquire about the current whereabouts of the letter they helped write. After learning the letter has long since been mailed, they are invited inside.
  • Politics are briefly discussed and Rapunzel burns the Core Senate on some of it's more biased tendencies. Aubrey informs Rapunzel that Arendelle has reached the point in time where a world war usually shapes the face of the planet. She tells Rapunzel that it would be very bad for future Yulairian aid to Arendelle if the Arendellians were responsible for starting the conflict, but hints that if the Isles were to appear to be the aggressors, that the Core Senate would not react as harshly.
  • After dropping a hint about framing the Chevaliers for being backed by the South Isles (they already are lololololo), the two Yulairians take their leave.

June 28th, 2015 Edit

  • Anna begs Ethan and Dontelli not to go into the shadow regions hunting for the missing squad (so that they don't befall a similar fate), but is more than willing to try and help brainstorm alternative rescue ideas. Elsa puts forward the idea of using her abilities to create an army of snowmen to track down the missing sentinels. Dontelli and Ethan are incredulous to this idea, but agree to it.
  • The tiltrotor enters the shadow regions and it becomes obvious the spoop storm is getting worse. The tiltrotor puts down and allows for Elsa to descend into an open snow-covered field. She uses her magical abilities to raise an army of snowmen (bearing a striking resemblance to Arendelle Royal Guard) led by Marshmallow.
  • After briefly conversing with Marshmallow on his objectives, the mighty ice golem charges into the distance with the snowmen battalion. Elsa reboards the tiltrotor and then they get the hell out of dodge.
  • Ethan demands to know the rest of what the Sloths told Anna. After a bit of hesitation, she relents and tells. Dontelli almost has a nervous breakdown when she connects the rest of what the Sloths told Anna to an incident that occurred a long time ago at a place called Dowetrod. She explains what she knows of Dowetrod from a report Letanya had given her.
  • Apparently the story is that Dowetrod was a secret research facility where experiments were performed regarding neurology, genetics, matter, anti-matter, white matter, and shadow fabric. At one point, the scientists began infusing animals with dark matter. At one point, the researchers forcibly took a member of the Sloth tribes for their research. The sloth went wild, saying over and over again "there's no such thing as monsters". The researchers asked what he meant and one of the last lines of the report explicitly states he said very clearly, "The shadows only fall when you cast them. They only hurt you when you let them." The facility was immediately destroyed by a brutal storm afterward. Shitjustgotreal.jpeg
  • The battalion of snowmen march through the storm as it worsens even further. They eventually come upon some figures and bright lights moving about in the distance. The battalion halts and the snowmen attempt to establish first contact with the missing Yulairian squad by sending forward an unarmed snowman with his hands raised.
  • The Yulairians are understandably freaked out by the LIVING snowman, but thanks to Marshmallow's almost-but-not-great speech skills, they come to understand that the snowmen are Arendellians sent to help guide them out of the shadow regions. The Yulairians reluctantly take their help and inform Marshmallow that they have a sleigh with one wounded and all their gear in it.
  • The snowmen waste no time in hooking the sleigh up to their snow-reindeer in order to help move it. It's around this time an eerie fog sets in that gives way to some ethereal figures that begin attacking the squad. The Yulairians begin to open fire (to no effect) on the shadow creatures while the snowmen all begin budging the sleigh to get it moving.
  • Marshmallow launches some ice spikes from his back at the shadow figures, but this only pisses them off. They turn their attention to Marshmellow and charge him. Strangely enough, the shadows pass through Marshmellow and shriek in pain. The ice golem is completely unphased. The Yulairians take note and immediately dogpile behind him.
  • One Yulairian is too slow and is grabbed by a shadow. It tries to drag him away. A snowman cavalry soldier races to grab onto the Yulairian's hand in an effort to save him, but we're left with a cliffhanger.

June 30th, 2015 Edit

  • The Sentinel is saved! WOO HOOO! I LOVE SNOW!
  • Marshmallow points the others in the right direction and the group starts off, weary of their spoopy pursuers.
  • The sentinels are detected on the tiltrotor's sensors. Their chances are grim, as the storm will more than likely overtake them before they tiltrotor can reach them. Ethan enlists Groot to lend a hand.
  • Thanks to the efforts of Groot and the Snow Battalion, the squad manages to make it aboard the tiltrotor. They safely high-tail it out of the shadow regions asap.
  • Elsa, Anna, and Groot return to Arendelle after saying goodbye to Ethan, Wilmer, and Dontelli.
  • Sir Raccoon bearhugs Anna (d'aaaaaw) and then it's back to business as usual. There is a Royal Intelligence meeting in which the High Constable reports the findings of his investigation to Elsa, Anna, Aubrey, and Gary. Raccoon reports that Aurora was in the process of setting up a plea deal with Intelligence before she was assassinated. He also reports that he has an informant who is willing to testify that she heard Gaston speaking harshly of Aurora just before the murder.
  • Aubrey brings some intel of her own to the meeting in the form of Prince Hans's briefcase. Of particular note is the following letter that was stored inside it:

"Your highness,

If things are to still proceed according to plan, I will require more funding. Arendellian Intelligence is closing in from every angle and threatens to undo all of my hard work. That insufferable fool of a constable is indeed very close to finding us out and blowing the lid off of this entire operation. I will continue to do my best with what I have, but we are running out of time. The war we discussed will have to begin sooner than later so that I may take action against the Queen. I trust I will still receive the position we discussed for my loyalty, yes?" - Unsigned

  • This revelation deeply troubles Elsa, who decides to go ahead and approve Sir Raccoon's plan to arrest Gaston and crackdown on the Chevalier Party before they can cause more trouble.
  • Groot attempts to teach his employee, Junie, how to properly care for flowers. She has much to learn. Rusty arrives and Groot hires him.

July 3rd, 2015 Edit

  • Operation Swiftsting is launched by the Arendellian Royal Guard to quell the Chevalier Revolution and to arrest Gaston.
  • Royal Guards extract Sir Raccoon's informant, Mayor Belle, from city hall.
  • Twenty-five minutes into the operation, the Royal Guard encounters fierce resistance from the Chevalier Militia. Commandant Holstad's company become pinned down on Elm Street just outside Castle Mirefield.
  • Yulairians, disguised as Royal Guards and under the leadership of Corporal Linford, begin assisting Arendellian forces.
  • The South Isles invade the harbor and reinforce the Chevaliers. They begin pushing Holstad's men back. More than half of Holstad's company is sent into a full retreat to city hall.
  • Sir Raccoon shows up at city hall, in his Arentruck, and reprimands the company for retreating. He sends them back up to Castle Mirefield to launch another attack.
  • The South Isles and Chevalier forces are in mid-charge when the company returns. This results in a clusterfuck of CQB fighting. Bayonets, trench knives, and punches are involved.

July 4th, 2015 Edit

  • The Royal Guard eventually pushes the enemy forces back, securing a clear path to the castle gates.
  • Sir Raccoon makes his entrance by running over South Isles soldiers in his arentruck. He knocks the gate down, flips the truck, is surrounded by Chevaliers, shot, then transforms into werecoon form and mauls them. It was a good day.
  • The Yulairians scale the side of the castle walls and disable a Chevalier MG team, allowing entry into the courtyard.
  • Lefou and Admiral Norrington argue within the castle's boatpen. Norrington attempts to convince him that Gaston should flee the castle to take refuge in the South Isles while they try to get this sorted out. Lefou refuses, believing it will make the situation even worse for the Chevalier Party if Gaston fled the entire country. Norrington is displeased and takes his leave.
  • South Isles General Schrøder orders a full retreat and withdraws the fleet from Mirefield harbor.
  • Lefou is captured by the Yulairians and moved into the castle corridors to be interrogated. Shortly after, Nyco, Mati, and some Royal Guards are attacked by Gaston's assassin. The assassin butchers the Royal Guards and wounds Nyco and Mati before vanishing.
  • The assassin meets up with Duke Gaston and summons a magical rift as their escape route.
  • Gaston enters the void and speaks with one of his mysterious benefactors, the Outsider.

July 8th, 2015 Edit

  • Groot finds out that the South Isles have declared war on Arendelle via a newspaper detailing Queen Elsa's magnificent speech divining a brief struggle with the Isles before Arendelle successfully dissolves their kingdom. Everyone knows that brief-war predictions always come true, so there's probably nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, Princess Anna is apparently going to be heading to the front lines during the war, so he makes his way to the palace post-haste to meet with the Constable. Sir Raccoon assures him Anna will be with him the whole time, out of danger, and assigns Groot supply-delivery duty.
  • Aubrey and Gary come to the palace to meet with Queen Elsa, who probably misses Ethan coming to visit her all the time. It's okay, Elsa. Soon.jpg.
  • Elsa outlines a brief battle plan and explains that Anna being on the frontlines is a continuation of her father being a soldier. Aubrey tells a joke about a fish.
  • Near the colonial city of Peltragow, South Isle sturm-battalion members put down a small team of Arendellian Expeditionary forces with the deadly new chlorine gas. One of the soldiers reports enemy troop activity to Governor Cutler Beckett.

July 9th, 2015 Edit

  • Junie discovers every day is about to be bring-your-daughter-to-work day for Rusty, and Groot explains to her that he is leaving his finger behind as insurance.

July 10th, 2015 Edit

  • Buck Hayes, MP Abigail, and Warren follow Dr. Tou deeper into a hospital on Unidia II, where they meet up with CC Supervisor Captain Fordo, and go with him to rescue relief crew members trapped by a cavein in one of the hangars of the hospital.
  • Abigail reluctantly bands together with Fordo to rescue a single traumatized relief worker.

July 12th, 2015 Edit

  • Captains Jack Sparrow and Barbossa and their fleet face off against Admiral Norrington and his fleet in the Zyemn sea. Whereas Arendelle brought pykrete armor to the fray, the South Isles brought Iron Clads with turrets. Cannonballs prove to be ineffective againt both the pykrete and the ironclads, though Arendelle's ships can still be destroyed from above. The naval combatants exchange just as many sick burns as they do cannonballs.

July 13th, 2015 Edit

  • The Chosen Undead is summoned into a strange world by an old man who can turn into smoke. He meets a friend named Boomie and is dispatched by the old man on a mission to save the world. After running into a fugitive woman, he and her and Boomie are arrested by Centaurs and taken before their king.

July 14th, 2015 Edit

  • A meeting is held between Gary, Aubrey, Queen Elsa, and the rest of the royal counsel, minus Cinderella. Queen Elsa signs two agreements. One: Arendelle will report each and every technology they encounter during the war, and in turn Yulair will give them technologies to counter the South Isles'. Two: If the populace votes in favor, Yulair will take over the world and dissolve all of its governments. And then give it to Arendelle when they're finished.

July 15th, 2015 Edit

  • A meeting among Capita Council representatives results in increased scientific focus on what caused the disaster on Unidia II. Some members of the council suspect the Unidians accidentally their planet, but Pavan has his reservations. The Devlabordich is on the case!
  • Wesley Barnes admits to Jr. Lt. Price that he a small penis after sniping some poor sucker.
  • Queen Elsa is indicted for being a puppet of Yulair, along with most of the rest of the council or maybe all of it. A chat between Elsa, Crenshaw, Gary, and Aubrey starts getting hella politically confusing. I'll let you know how it plays out.
  • Aubrey and Gary have tricked the Constabulary into moving against Elsa and rejecting the second deal, resulting in them gathering enough legalities to safeguard the Kingdom of Arendelle. Their work done, they pack up and leave. You just got yulaired, constabulary.
  • The High Constable and Princess Anna are dealing with a freak storm on the front of the Great War. Raccoon is drunk, and yells at Anna. She runs off. Now you fucked up.
  • Warren, Buck, Dr. Tou, Fordo, and Abigail scale the debris and find Anastacia of Astora tending to four wounded. She wasn't a victim of the cave-in. Fordo and Abigail stay behind to carry the wounded (who are actually in perfect health) to the medical teams. Warren and Buck and Tou head further into a tunnel and find Stelmar. Dr. Tou fixes him up and he joins the party.
  • Raccoon manages to catch up to Anna and they talk. Anna mindfucks him by comparing his actions to Yulair's. Anna accepts his apology, and Raccoon gets struck by lightning twice.
  • Aubrey and Gary round up the mostly maybe entirely indicted/sued royal council and the Queen and ask them if they'd like to get the hell outta dodge. They all say yes, Kuzco and the Queen with some reluctance. They all pile into a Cherryton, but nobody makes Deputy Crenshaw look like a possum's pecker.
  • Deputy Crenshaw and the boys set off after the Cherryton in a wild Smokey and the Bandit chase scene. Gandalf orders the Mage Corps to protect the Queen first and foremost, so they join the fray on the side of the royal entourage. After smashing through a roadblock, Gandalf boards the Cherryton and demands to know whether the Queen will be safe. He is invited to come along as well by way of answer.

July 16th, 2015 Edit

  • Deputy Crenshaw stands down after a scuffle involving dynamite and the Cherryton is on its way. The sentinels take the royal entourage and Gandalf to the old Yulairian airfield, where they board a ship and take off. Elsa at first reluctantly says they should leave Anna behind, but she changes her mind and says they should at least go ask her if she wants to come with.
  • At Dalmellington Beach, troops begin their march inland supported by arentrucks. For the next week, under the leadership of High Constable Sir Raccoon, the Arendellians crush all opposition that stands in their way. Royal Guard forces march a total of 74 miles inland from Dalmellington beach before what appears to be a massive storm system moves into the area - marking the beginning of the rainy season for the island nations of the Zyemn Sea. The marshlands quickly begin to flood. The ground becomes over-saturated and muddy. Arentrucks and horse-drawn wagons begin having difficulty navigating the terrain. Supply deliveries to the Arendellian front lines begin to dwindle. Sir Raccoon is forced to order his men to dig trenches and not advance any farther. Newly instated Supreme Commander, Prince Hans of the South Isles, seizes this opportunity to turn the retreating Isles Army around and begin counterattacking the Royal Guard. The war reaches new levels of brutality as Hans orders the use of chemical weapons against the Arendellian positions and begins to retake ground. Things would begin to become more dire for the Kingdom of Arendelle. Faced with utter disaster if the Royal Guard loses the region of Orrinshire, Sir Raccoon has ordered his forces to hold onto their positions at all costs. Thanks, Raccoon.
  • Groot, Sergeant Elvis Presley, Private Kristoff, Sven, and Mr. Arentruck Driver get their truck in the mud somewhere in Vietnam. I mean, Orrinshire. In the midst of the storm, Groot unsticks their truck and they pass through a military checkpoint and into basecamp. There they deliver the mail.
  • Groot chats with Princess Anna for a bit before going to console his procyonid friend Sir Raccoon. Raccoon has just received the news of the Cherryton chase from back home, and is distraught. Groot shares his sympathies and goes to deliver a new list of supplies to Elvis.
  • Anna and Kristoff have a domestic dispute. Apparently Anna thinks they are no longer dating.

July 19th, 2015 Edit

  • As night began to fall in the city of Mirstone, Arendellian Royal Guards were deployed in the vicinity of Cinderella's castle. The only individuals in or around the castle were Cinderella's mercenaries. Commandant Holstad is at first stopped by the captain of the mercenaries who informs him that the Duchess is not seeing visitors. After being confronted with a federal warrant, the captain changes his tune and agrees to lead the Commandant to Cinderella.
  • The Captain leads the Royal Guards to a trashed room filled with Chevalier banners. It looks like someone was destroying evidence. With his patience wearing thin, Holstad begans choking the mercenary for giving him the runaround.
  • While the Royal Guard is in the middle of police brutality, another Royal Guardsman enters and informs the Commandant that the mercenary is telling the truth. An unidentified vehicle ran an R.G. roadblock on Krasney Street. Holstad ceases choking the mercenary and releases him. He orders the Royal Guardsman to send a telegram to the capital that the Duchess is evading arrest.

July 20th, 2015 Edit

  • The Chosen Undead, Maven Snatch, and Boomie are taken to the Centaur capital city of Centauria, and held in prison overnight to meet with King Thunderhoof in the morning. It turns out Maven was apparently tricked into running into the Chosen Undead so that she could help him convince the Centaurs to fight the orcs which burned down Maven's village. They negotiate with King Thunderhoof to no avail and are sent back to their cell.

July 22nd, 2015 Edit

  • Groot, Presley, and Kristoff arrive at the Arendellian reserve line via Arentruck only to discover that the South Isles are on the verge of pushing the Royal Guard out of Orrinshire. A nearby Sergeant informs them that Sir Raccoon has ordered every man within a 10 mile radius into the trenches to hold the line. The squad enters the trenches and fights their way tooth-and-nail to the support line as fighting rages on all around them. After they disable an MG, Royal Guards begin dropping down into the support line to take up sniping positions.
  • Sir Raccoon and Princess Anna arrive at the Arendellian reserve line with reinforcements. Sir Raccoon orders a frontal assault through no man's land to be launched in order to take back the parapet. Princess Anna requests that Sir Raccoon lead the attack so that they can reduce the number of R.G. casualties. He complies under the condition she stay put. She agrees and begins helping field nurses tend to the wounded. The assault is launched and the Royal Guard successfully takes back the parapet. This puts Arendelle back in the clear.
  • Queen Elsa, aboard a Triumph transport (after having escaped from the RG), lands near a command bunker. She enters and confronts Sir Raccoon and attempts to convince Anna to leave with her. Anna, out of loyalty and determined to keep morale up, stays. Elsa and the others leave.
  • King Bly, DR. Tourny and Wolf do shenanigans. They stop by to see Tony Stark on their disguised escape from the palace.
  • Faced with having to decide between a week+ long journey or landing while Sorna was combat active, Aubrey orders the Triumph to land at _Sorna_. The Triumph arrives but is immediately faced with an attack from enemy fighters. The Triumph, eventually, though with heavy damage, lands. Aubrey goes off to complain on the bridge and find a way to En'ton quickly and efficiently while the others explore. Snow White, Rapunzel and Elsa find themselves inside a storage bay where they play with unmanned vehicles and get into an ice/hair fight. Kuzco tries on clothes and eventually joins the girls, while Gandalf and Gary retire to the rec room. Eventually they are brought to the bridge and are told they will return to En'ton aboard Conjurer.

July 24th, 2015 Edit

  • Veckley and Zelgo chat a bit about training on En'ton, as well as about the Force and Jedi.

July 26th, 2015 Edit

  • Queen Elsa, Snow White, Rapunzel, Kuzco, Aubrey, Gary and Gandalf arrive at En'ton. They meet Letanya in the main lobby of the palace academy. Snow White and Rapunzel remain in awe of the surroundings. They are led to a council meeting with the Core Senate where the Core Senate gives them the run around for a while before telling them that they are approving the requests Yulair has put in. Letanya suspects there is more and it is confirmed that she is correct. The Core Senate reveals other parties may be interested in Arendelle and until the operation officially begins, there is nothing they can do to intervene.
  • An officer brings a report from Dubrillion and Letanya goes to the Navy Command Center where she enacts her big plan. Sischin is in need of oil. Palaota has oil. Yulair, Core Senate and CC stopping Sischin invasion. CS and CC are busy. Sischin moves on Arendelle, Yulair defends, pulling their resources from blocking them. Letanya anticipated their bluff, had forces intercept the invasion of Palaota. War has started. Yulair has plans to backstab Palaota's government and take down their questionable regime. Palaota doesn't know that. They take down Sischin and Palaota legally in one deployment. She informs Shadow Rails 1 they are to be shipped out for deployment immediately.

July 27th, 2015 Edit

  • Veckley, Zelgo, Susy and Bruce have flashbacks of training. They are attached to a group of fresh cadets. They assisted them in their first jump training, special melee combat, among other things, before being informed they are to track down an ex-Sentinel known as the Natasha Sinzkeley, AKA the Witch of the Plains Barrens, as well as of another assignment they have that eventually turns into their deployment to Palaota.

July 29th, 2015 Edit

  • Queen Elsa and Gandalf return back to Arendelle with the Yulairian fleet. She wastes no time in firing all members of the Constabulary and reprimanding the Army Staff for their actions a few weeks prior.
  • An air battle takes place over Solibourne between the South Isles Air Force and Yulairians. The South Isles lose miserably.
  • Yulairian Corporal Finch relieves Sir Raccoon of command on the South Isles front and takes over the war effort in his stead. Princess Anna and Sir Raccoon are then put on as shuttle back to Central Arendelle.
  • Shockwave and the Scarlett Witch finally get the power core up and running for Trypticon.

July 31st, 2015 Edit

  • Trypticon takes off with the Decepticons in tow. Good bye, world!

August 1st, 2015 Edit

  • The Autobots, lead by Optimus Prime, and accompanied by OZ 39,
  • On Lotor, Dial recruits Orcs to torch the city of Centauria. Meanwhile, the Chosen Undead, Maven, and Boome escape their cell and go to the refugees of Maven's village for help.
  • Dial himself sets the city alight after breaking into the city under cover of night.

August 3rd, 2015 Edit

  • King Bly, Commander Wolf, and DR. Tourny enact a heist on a french diner and the nare attacked by a mysterious woman with super powers. Pavan saves them. Thanks, bud.
  • Groot, Sgt. Presley, and Kristoff escape from the front lines. Forrest Groot sees them to safety, through walker tanks, fire, and motorcyclists. The boys are safe, but Groot bites it. So long, Bubba.
  • Max Teslar, Aiden Yup, Nadia Hitch, Brex Mander do the Yulair thing. Deployment, marching around... Feel free to fix this one Wolfie.
  • Queen Elsa gave Sir Raccoon a choice: Resign or be tried for treason. As he's packing his things, the Assassin arrives, preying on Anna and Elsa in the midst of an argument over his fate. Both Gandalf and Raccoon detect the danger. Gandalf alerts Dontelli and the decorative Admiral guy and tries to work some magic. Raccoon transforms and goes on the hunt (he's after you). He straddles the line, in discord and rhyme, all the way to the most brutal death on the pavement of the courtyard, far below. The Assassin disappears. So end the Knights of Arendelle.
  • Sir Raccoon arrives at the gates of Hades, accompanied by the Outsider. He gladly gives Hades his soul in return for fig newtons and grape juice. He enters with the hope of sending some South Isles soldiers to the super underworld.

August 6th, 2015 Edit

  • Zelgo Furiox, Veckley Az'klia, Susy Ulesse, and Bruce Steelflower accompany an armor unit through the desert to a rendezvous point. Zelgo makes a few doodies, and he and Susy's tank is besploded, but everyone makes it through okay. Bruce still doesn't know where his candy stash is.
  • Agents Welther, Boudreau, Dunny, Marco, Russel, and Slackbot of the Arendelle Royal Intelligence Agency investigate the case of Sir Raccoon's murder. Surmising that the assassin who killed him was in fact targeting the royals, the agents agree that the Chevaliers are the most likely suspects. Agent Dunny picks up Duchess Cinderella's trail, and Marco and Russel discover a book near the hidden library passage in the palace displaying anti-King Gram sentiments, as well as a dislike of Elsa. How is King Gram related to the case of the Wrecked Raccoon? Tune in next time, on Arendelle Five-Oh!

August 10th, 2015 Edit

  • The final portion of the Battle of Orrinshire takes place. The South Isles Army tries to hold onto the region for as long as possible, but ultimately poor morale causes their defense to begin falling apart. Prince Hans meets Yulairian field leaders in no man's land and agrees to their terms of surrender.
  • Yulairians begin moving into another region of Orrinshire, known as the Necropolis, which happens to be an ancient cemetery covering around 44 square acres of territory. The Yulairians successfully take down a few of the South Isles's 2nd Home Army patrols. Some of the South Isles's soldiers take off into a mauseoleum. The Yulairians give chase into what turns into a sprawling labyrinth of catacombs.
  • Royal Intelligence and the Royal Marines launch a joint operation to secure a Chevalier militia-controlled farmhouse in the village of Darrimore. Agents Dunny, Marco, and Russel infiltrate the farmhouse and signal the attack after locating one of the VIPs. The Royal Marines storm the property and eliminate all hostiles. Cinderella is captured.
  • Cinderella is later incarcerated within Arendelle Palace's dungeon. Queen Elsa persuades Cinderella to give up Gaston's location after a little bit of Monarch brutality. She reveals that Gaston is currently hiding out in Solibourne, the South Isles's capital.

August 13th, 2015 Edit

  • The Sentinels discover the South Isles army was digging a metrorail in the necropolis. Their construction had angered a vampire settlement deep in the tunnels, and they were paying the price in blood. Using diplomacy, U1 was able to heroically diffuse the situation. Max and Brax discuss the potential economic value of saving a magical forest from werewolves.
  • A hobgoblin attack leaves the town of Graycott devastated. The RIA is on the scene. Agent Welther and his team (Boudreau, Marco, Russel, and Dunny) head off into the mountains to see if they can find the source of the problem, and along the way find a dead reindeer, and later an overturned caravan. Its driver dead, the the gang searches for clues only to find a live hobgoblin eating his steed not far off. Dunny, Russel, and Welther chase it down and cuff it. When it fails to tell Welther what he wants to know, Russel is authorized to beat the shit out of it until it complies. Brutal.

August 14th, 2015 Edit

  • Elsa consoles Anna regarding Sir Raccoon's death and assures her that she will do everything within her power to make sure his sacrifice wasn't in vain.
  • Elsa and Gandalf discuss recent events. She tells him her plans to ask the Hobgoblins to agree to be relocated to a different landmass so that they stop killing her citizens. He volunteers to do the negotiating. It is also revealed that Sir Raccoon wasn't actually buried, but is instead preserved in ice within his casket. She inquires if the Mage Corps has any powerful enough restoration spells to bring him back, but Gandalf sadly informs her that it is out of their power. He instead offers a new idea in the form of researching how to travel to Hades to find his soul so that they may return it to his body.

August 15th, 2015 Edit

  • The Yulairians take the South Isles' ironclads without expending much effort. Admiral Luxemberg surrenders without incident.
  • Rusty says that if Groot is the sort of tree that can reproduce cuttings, nurturing his finger might grow them a new Groot.
  • In Hades, Sir Raccoon briefs King Agnarr and Queen Elsa's Mom Iduna on the Great War and Yulair. In the process, he inadvertently discovers that Elsa and Anna have a kid brother stranded in a jungle somewhere on the planet. We also learn that the royals' assassin believes he has some claim to the throne. Raccoon doubts the veracity of this claim, as Elsa, Anna, and now the jungle prince are the only three people with legitimate claims (except maybe Rapunzel and Dontelli).
  • The Royal Marines and RIA, having located and surrounded the Hobgoblin pow-wow, are prepared for battle in the event that Gandalf the Grey's negotiations with the Hobgoblins goes awry. His efforts are almost in vain, but Queen Elsa rolls up her diplomatic sleeves and tags him out. She lays down some ancient property claims, refuting any claim to her lands that the Hobgoblins think they have, and threatens to turn them into roads. Long story short, the Hobgoblins agree to move to Australia with Arendelle's help. Watch out for the dingoes!

August 16th, 2015 Edit

  • The Yulairians make landfall outside Solibourne on Fontaino Beach. During the fierce fighting on the beach air support discovers an experimental atomic bomb being transferred to a nearby airfield. Granger's 23 and 24, Marissa Beam and Sam Whackwee, descend to the airfield to apprehend the explosive before it takes off. A fierce firefight ensues, in which Marissa crashes her A-22 into the bomb's fighter after its loaded onto it while Sam distracts the South Isles soldiers by letting them shoot him repeatedly. By the time backup arrives, Marissa's leg is broken and Sam is heavily bruised, but the bomb is secure. The South Isles forces at the hangar surrender.
  • On the beach, South Isles forces fall back, with the Sentinels on their heels.

August 17th, 2015 Edit

  • On whatever world it is Atlantis is on, an alien object has appeared that resists energy and seems to predate BlyDonia. Ambassador Fox and Wesley have no idea what it is either. A scout had been transformed into a husk upon touching it. It is referred casually as a "Marker"
  • Maven, Boomie, and the Chosen Undead assist the Centaurs in fending off the horde of Orcs, but not until they get into the city and burn it down (with Dial's help.)
  • The Yulairians breach the South Isles palace. The South Isles Army is suicidal and attacks with negative quarters.
  • King Thunderhoof announces to the trio that the Centaurs are going to war. The Chosen Undead and friends retrieve the refugees of Velkhaven's two horses (Sally and Xander) before continuing their quest.
  • Yulair runs through the palace, even defeating the Blackguard droidekas. Letanya arrives on the ground. Gaston regards the events from a fourth-story window. Corvo comes to meet with him.
  • The Chosen Undead and friends find Dial at the mouth of the Dark Forest. The Wizard of Smoke pays them a visit and reveals that he arranged for the ravaging of Centauria. Maven becomes even more distrustful of him, but the Chosen Undead (Setto) decides to go along with the Wizard's plans. Dial joins their party.
  • Letanya captures Corvo, the Assassin, just after he murders Gaston, but lets him go on the pretense that there is nothing he can do that she doesn't want him to do. He disappears, detonating the palace. The King of the South Isles escapes in a walker tank with his blackguards.
  • First Officer Grisley arrives at the Forward Base outside the South Isles Palace. Wolf forgets to charge his phone before bed, so the scene remains unfinished.

August 21st, 2015 Edit

  • Zelgo, Veckley, Susy, Bruce, and their new friend Charles Miller (a palaotan field reporter) smoke out a sniper, then join in the assault on a bank in the city while the Sischin burn the oil fields. First, they have to get there. Susy and Bruce split off from the group. Both teams move through the sewers, but Zelgo and Vecley and Charles surface and have a skirmish with a Sischin checkpoint. They man a disabled IFV.

August 22nd, 2015 Edit

  • Demolisher and the Insecticons Bombshell and Shrapnel are monitoring Kaon operations when a power spike occurs. Minitron comes through the spacebridge and takes over Demolisher's body and Pseudo masquerades as a Decepticon footsoldier. Together they execute a complete takeover of base operations, culminating in the arrival of Optimus Primarch's (EVIL OPTIMUS!) Trypticon through the space bridge. The Decepticons begin to mobilize but Bombshell, seeing an opportunity, assists Demolisher in calling them off. Oh the skullduggery a Decepticon will get himself into when the opportunity arises.

August 27th, 2015 Edit


  • Back when King Agnarr was king, Groot was robbed of moisture and captured by South Isles slavers. After being placed in a dungeon, he found he was not alone. Joining him in his dungeon was some sort of wolf+raccoon combo chained to the middle of the floor like a dog tethered to a post. After some introductions, we learn that the one that will henceforth be known as "Raccoon" used to have frequent contact with the members of a village, who did not take kindly to his presence.
  • Raccoon explained that every couple of days or so the slavers would come down and take someone from the dungeon. Since he had been the last one in the dungeon prior to Groot's arrival, his time was limited. Their best bet was for Django Raccoon to become unchained, and for the slavers to do that he would have to be dead. So Groot stabbed him.
  • The slavers took the bait and released Raccoon's bonds to drag him out of the dungeon before it smelled even more like blood and semen. What? Anyway, that course of action proved fatal for not only the three slavers who entered the dungeon but also most of the other slavers working at the slave factory, for Raccoon and Groot did lead such a prison break that narry a prisoner was left in their cell ere the sun went down.
  • It was that day that Groot became Raccoon's first friend, and Raccoon became Groot's.

August 30th, 2015 Edit

  • The Great War is over! Military parades take place throughout Arendelle as soldiers from both sides return to their homes and families.
  • Princess Anna and Kristoff get back together. Fanboys everywhere weep.
  • The Royal Guard unveils a statue in the city marketplace of King Agnarr and Sir Raccoon. The plaque reads, "This memorial dedicated in loving mermory of the High Constable, Sir Raccoon, who gave his all to the Kingdom of Arendelle and the principles upon which it stood to the point that it cost him his life."
  • Queen Elsa offers Jack Sparrow the position of Fleet Admiral in the Arendellian Royal Navy.
  • Sir Raccoon is observed to be passing the time by smacking people with golfballs. Hades is entertained and takes a turn.

September 1st, 2015 Edit

Six months after the end of the Great War Edit

  • The City of Arendelle is shown to have technologically advanced from where it was previously.
  • Howard Hughes successfully takes off in his Hercules H-5 aircraft. It is the largest plane to have ever flown been on Arendelle.
  • Sanctuary and the Tournan Hive become official protectorates of BlyDonia.
  • Groot returns in miniature form! Lily rushes him to the palace and they both meet with Princess Anna and Kristoff.
  • Antonio meets with some Yulairians that have an information booth set up in the marketplace. He learns that the medical field might one day advance to the point that it can replace his missing eye...but I think he should keep the eyepatch. It's pretty badass.
  • Dontelli delivers the news to Queen Elsa and Princess Anna that they have a baby brother! Elsa gives Dontelli permission to file a proper investigation regarding this.
  • Girl teleports onto Aer-May's Swizër's Yulairian space vessel. After making short work of the crew, she gets Dylan the Nav dude to set up a meeting between her and Aer-May. She finds she really likes Aer-May, and agrees to release her other captives in exchange for Aer-May's teachings.

September 2nd, 2015 Edit

Pre-Six Month Time JumpEdit

  • Fordo, Buck Hayes, Warren, MP Abigail, and Dr. Tou find a large group of trapped survivors. Mr. Pavan is not amused with the slowness of the relief mission and tells Komec to hurry the fruck up. Komec gives Pavan the skinny on some deleted files in the Unidus databases.

Six months after the end of the Great War Edit

  • Chrys, Groot's new waitress, fangirls over Agent Dunny's gun during his morning coffee before being shooed back to work by Mr. Boogley. She likes guns.
  • Fordo is hanging out at a military base when it is suddenly attacked by terrorists. He lets them get a head start.
  • Some files have mysteriously been deleted off of the Unidius II databases... Ruh roh.
  • A three-eyed perpetrator attempts to destroy a bridge after stealing Charlee's mother. Buck takes care of the girl and Abigail is in pursuit.

September 3rd, 2015 Edit

Six months after the end of the Great War Edit

  • Sir Raccoon puts down a water-balloon assault by the South Islanders in Hades using a pool noodle. The Great War rages on, much to Hades' amusement.
  • Gandalf meets with Highlord Sebastion and the two discuss the Vampires' broken portal to Hades. Sebastion explains that an earthquake damaged the grooves on the surface of the summoning ring, rendering it inoperable. Back when it worked, vampires were able to go back and forth, but if they stayed too long they would lose the will to leave. Now he and Gandalf must find the missing symbol and place it in the center of the ring, before it's too late!.... Just joshing around, there's no rush.
  • Queen Elsa vetoes Howard Hughe's jet engines, because they can't melt steel beams. They will, however, melt her forests. Prime Minister Cruella De Vil is in favor of the engines, but defends the Queen's decision.
  • Having failed to get elected as Parliament representative, Kuzco has fallen on hard times despite being a private citizen. Elsa suggests he look for a job. After searching high and low, he is granted a job as waiter at Mr. Boogley's Diner. During his first shift, he serves Chip, Dale, Goofy, and Donald and Daisy Duck. Gerry grabs a Friend Banana Sandwich for the King. Cultural defusion.

September 7th, 2015 Edit

  • An angry mob of citizens gather around the Arendelle City Courthouse after news spreads that Duchess Cinderella will be released. The reasons being for her release are circumstantial evidence and the inability to secure her a fair trial.
  • A flashback depicts Queen Elsa speaking to one of the Royal Intelligence directors regarding Cinderella. Elsa expresses that she wants the former Duchess dead.
  • Deputies guard the courthouse, but when pressured, agree to let the mob take Cinderella. She is dragged out of the building and strung up in a nearby tree by a noose. Sheriff Deputies that are supposed to be on their way to control the situation take their time arriving. Cinderella is long dead by the time she is finally cut down from the tree.
  • On Palaota, Zelgo has second thoughts and orders Veckley and Charles into the sewers. Happening upon a reservoir, they encounter heavy resistance. Charles is shot through the skull while Zelgo attempts to deal with several enemies which had been on their tails (two figurative and one literal). Veckley deals with the reservoir encampments. Regrouping, they combine forces to electrocute their opponents to death in poop water, then break through the wall into a bank vault.
  • Zelgo and Veckley proceed upstairs, having been told to do so by the newly arrived Sentinels. They arrived to find an IFF leader and his boys kicking the beans out of a sentinel detail, including Susy. Bruce is nowhere to be found.
  • They are easily brought down by the IFF. The man gives Zelgo a choice: Save millions of lives by going rogue and dropping Yulair's nuclear bomb on a large weapons cache, or play it by the book and let them die when the Sischin get their hands on it. Zelgo chooses Yulair, and it turns out this was a wise choice. The bomb the IFF had stolen wasn't the real deal.
  • But where was the real bomb? Obviously, Major Sinclaire stole it. What a gal.
  • Oh yeah, Bruce is fine. Everyone's just chilling in the hospital now. He got stuck in an elevator shaft or something.

September 8th, 2015 Edit

  • Antonio connects with Major Szyanski at the Great War Memorial in the Troithien Heights.

September 9th, 2015 Edit

  • The Yulairians find out that Tarzan was originally discovered on the Talitano Archipelago by Professor Porter.
  • The Royal Navy's 3rd Fleet is deployed off the coast of Talitano and a company of Royal Marines move ashore. Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are flown in via Catalina. A search effort to determine what happened to King Agnarr and Queen Iduna is underway.
  • Agent Dunny is part of a convoy that's moving through the center of the island behind a jungle cutter. A leopard darts out of the jungle at the same time that his radio is receiving interference. Dunny brakes, but the Arentruck strikes the leopard. After getting out and investigating, Dunny and Perrault discover there is no body and no damage to the vehicle.

September 10th, 2015 Edit

  • The convoy comes to a halt when the jungle cutter rams into what appears to be a large stone boulder carved to look like a humanoid head. Charlie Team is forced to make camp there until new blades for the cutter can arrive the next morning.
  • Delta Team locates an abandoned cliff dwelling. They also discover primitive paintings that show the leopard preying upon the natives.
  • Marco, Russell, Anna, and Dunny roast marshmallows over a campfire and have an all around good time...despite a ghost leopard being on the loose.

September 11th, 2015 Edit

  • Ultron revives Kaidan Alenko, and explains to him that his universe has been destroyed several universal cycles ago.

September 14th, 2015 Edit

  • Day two of the Talitano Expedition has Charlie Team and Delta Team meeting up at a watering hole deep in the jungle. The area is covered in stone ruins and there's a nearby ziggurat. Another crocus carved into a tree-trunk is discovered near the watering hole.
  • Marco, Russell, Anna, and a squad of Royal Marines explore the ziggurat. They discover a sacrificial altar inside that resembles a leopard. They leave feeling like they're being watched.
  • Nightfall comes and the convoy is attacked by the leopard. It proves too difficult to dispatch and wounds two marines. The captain orders K.A.S. Tartarus to begin firing off cluster shells. The shells impact upon the area being dominated by the leopard and ward it off. The night continues with the convoy on high alert.

September 16th, 2015 Edit

  • Day three of the Talitano Expedtion. The Teams locate and close in upon a treehouse near the east coast of the island. Elsa goes inside with Marco and Russell. They discover the dead bodies of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna inside. The Marine Captain arranges for some coffins to be sent ashore to transport the bodies. The leopard watches from afar as Elsa and the two agents leave the treehouse.
  • Hades and Megara discuss ongoing events in the overworld and talk about how the Arendellians are attempting to reach the underworld. They later talk about how much souls are worth with Sir Raccoon. After Sir Raccoon is kicked out of the room, Hades conjures up a spelltome and instructs Megara to ensure it reaches the hands of the Arendellians.
  • Before leaving, Megara gives Hades a parcel from the Outsider. It turns out to be Pandora's box. Despite Megara wanting to open it, Hades refuses and puts it up for safekeeping.
  • Gandalf and Sebastian are still working on getting the portal to the underworld up and running. Dr. Doppler emerges on-scene with a spelltome that mysteriously found it's way into his possession. It turns out the spelltome is the journal of Sir Galahad, an Arendellian Knight during the time of the Mai-ben'Mach. The spelltome contains the missing symbols and information they need to finish repairs.

September 21st, 2015 Edit

  • King Bly sends out the invitations to the BlyDonian Ball.

September 22nd, 2015 Edit

  • It is dusk.
  • Gandalf returns to Arendelle City and immediately notifies Aubrey Hale of Operation Hades. She commands him to deliver his intel to the Yulairian embassy and go talk to Queen Elsa to see if he can't get her to call the whole thing off.
  • The Yulairians begin scoping out the palace.
  • Queen Elsa returns from her trip to Talitano to be informed by the RIA that Gandalf has snitched (he's been followed!). They proceed to the palace.
  • RIA loses track of Gandalf after he delivers the intel and arrives at the palace. He goes incognito and sends a decoy to throw off the RIA.
  • RIA calls Sheriff Howett's department and issue a warrant for Gandalf's arrest. Howett is suspicious as to the nature of the arrest and hopes his department isn't being used for RIA purposes.
  • Deputy Kallinger (the recipient of the intel) informs Dontelli of the situation. She resovles to meet with the Queen and ultimately discovers that she has just arrived back at the palace.
  • Dontelli goes to the palace with a convoy.
  • Colonel Dontelli enters the palace and engages in a glorious rap battle with Queen Elsa.
  • Dontelli tells Elsa she wants to help her resurrect Sir Raccoon. All is forgiven... this time.

September 25th, 2015 Edit

  • Kristoff almost catches himself a speeding ticket for trying to rush a delivery in his cabover, but the issuing Deputy is led away by Andrew Steele speeding in his thunderbird. The Deputy pursues Andrew, but ultimately loses him and breaks off the pursuit.
  • Kristoff and Andrew later meet with Scrooge McDuck in the harbor tavern. McDuck needs a high-risk load of moonshine moved from Alendar Falls in the South Isles to Granite Ridge in Central Arendelle. The pay-off for successfully completing the job is substantial.
  • Gary and Percy discuss how the average working man is always getting screwed over by the rich man. Workers are always getting hurt on the job without compensation. Gary comes up with the idea of creating an organization of workers to protect the working man from being taken advantage of by his employer. They intend to get the organization certified by the Royal Crown of Arendelle. Gary's going to petition Queen Elsa and Parliament with the idea. Percy suggests that the to-be members of the organization hold a march through the city and end it in front of the Royal Palace.

September 27th, 2015 Edit

  • After having accepted McDuck's offer, Kristoff and Andrew race down to the South Isles to try and pick up the load ahead-of-schedule. They're currently on their way to Solibourne with the moonshine, having already picked it up from from Alendar Falls.
  • A Capita Council meeting is held to discuss the fate of the pre-FTL planet of Poruga. A vote is held that ends up being in favor of intervention.


  • King Agnarr's carriage is attacked by hobgoblins while he's traveling the Arendellian countryside. The carriage eventually flips over and Agnarr is left to fend for himself. He skillfully puts down three of the hobgoblins before becoming outnumbered and restrained.
  • Raccoon had been silently observing the skirmish from a tree branch whilst eating an apple. He decides to involve himself by helping Agnarr. The King and Hobgoblins are shocked when he transforms into a werecoon. Raccoon's actions cause Agnarr to be freed and the two begin striking down hobgoblins left and right.
  • After all of the hobgoblins are dead, Raccoon approaches Agnarr. Believing that the werecoon is about to attack him now, Agnarr wields his tomahawk defensively and backs up against the carriage. To his surprise, the werecoon turns out to be friendly and begins making conversation to him. The two end up becoming friends and the scene concludes with them traveling to Arendelle together.

September 29th, 2015 Edit

  • Princess Anna meets with Professor Porter and Tarzan. Tarzan is informed that Iduna and Agnarr were his human parents, thus making Elsa and Anna his older sisters.
  • A military convoy of Arendellians and Yulairians roll into the necropolis. The two groups of soldiers take an elevator lift into the vampire city and arrive just as repairs to the portal are being completed.
  • Captains Wesley and Fordo are briefed on the Capita Council's controversial plan to save a primitive planet facing destruction by asteroid by inserting special agents into their society. Fordo is skeptical of the plan.
  • The Chosen Undead (Setto), Dial, Maven, and Boomie, accompanied by their horses Xander and Sally, decide to do what the Wizard of Smoke told them and head for Bethram's coastal kingdom of elves. Fearing for their safety, they choose the cautious mountain route around the Dark Forest. Their prudence is rewarded when a band of bandits demands their belongings. Luckily, our motley heroes are made of stern stuff. They beat the bandits with no casualties, and resolve to keep moving before camping on the mountainside.
  • Setto's party finds a lyre in the aftermath of the battle, and Setto reveals to Maven that he is undead. She doesn't know what that means, but Boomie seems to. Setto is grateful that he has escaped the stigmas of his homeland.

October 1st, 2015 Edit

  • Kristoff and Andrew manage to make it from Alendar Falls to Solibourne without encountering the law. They load up on a ferry and set sail for Mirefield.
  • Their first entanglement with the law comes when they're crossing the Midoria-Corona state border. In order to bypass a weigh station that wasn't on the map, Kristoff has to shortcut through what turns out to be someone's driveway. A Sheriff Deputy takes notice and intercepts the cabover.
  • Andrew doubles back and leads the Sheriff Deputy on a high speed pursuit. Despite another police cruiser also joining the chase, the thunderbird proves too fast and manages to escape by hiding behind a general store. One of the deputies remarks that he was able to get the thunderbird's license plate number.
  • An hour later, they're at the truckstop in Corona City. There they meet the enchanting waitress of Mustard's Manger, Tootsy. After grabbing a quick meal, Kristoff uses the payphone to call Anna. Andrew refuels his thunderbird.

October 2nd, 2015 Edit

  • The Royal Marines and Yulairians navigate the Underworld. Although they spot Cerberus, Hades's guard dog, there doesn't appear to be anyone else around. This is perhaps an indication that the living cannot see the dead. They discover Hades's castle.
  • Chrys meets with Sheriff Howett and applies for a gun permit.

October 4th, 2015 Edit

  • As Corporal Waller and Captain Stephensen lead their stalwarts teams into Hades' mansion unannounced, they are surprised when the man of the house himself appears out of a swirling vortex! As we learned in the last episode, Hades has the right to open fire, but chooses to negotiate instead. Corporal Waller promises to allow Queen Elsa to negotiate personally for the Constable's life in exchanged for the victims of the tiltrotor tragedy of 2015. The marines immediately become suspicious of Yulair (well, more than usual), and the group returns to the overworld.
  • Corporal Waller suggests everything is going as planned and leaves the Necropolis. Gandalf tunes in via crystal ball to get a sitrep. He learns that the warrant for his arrest has been dropped. Or rather, he knew it all along. Yeah.

October 5th, 2015 Edit

  • Although distraught with the choice of words used in the exchange between the Yulairians and Hades, Queen Elsa nevertheless decides to venture into the Underworld. She does so, alone, to negotiate for Sir Raccoon's soul.
  • Hades coaxes Elsa into playing a game of chance. If the Wheel of Misfortune lands on blue, she gets Sir Raccoon's soul. If it lands on red, Hades gets her soul instead. Elsa spins the wheel and while it is turning, Hades formulates an even more humiliating way to claim the Ice Queen's soul.
  • Hades intentionally stops the wheel on blue and then leads Elsa toward the river Styx. He explains that if Elsa can retrieve Sir Raccoon's soul from the river, she can leave with it. Elsa dives in, but mid-dive, Hades reveals that the river kills all mortals by aging them up.
  • The Lord of the Dead is pleased with himself, having believed that he's killed Elsa. However, to his surprise and enragement, Elsa re-emerges at the surface of the river and swims to safety with Sir Raccoon's soul.
  • Hades teleports down to Elsa's level and demands to know how she could still be alive. Elsa has a revelation of her own. She cannot die from old age because she drank from the waters of the fountain of youth several months earlier. The fountain's location was given to her by Admiral Jack Sparrow. Although still infuriated, Hades keeps his end of the deal and gives Sir Raccoon's soul to Elsa. He does try to tempt her into spinning the wheel again by putting the souls of her parents on the table. Elsa doesn't take the bait and leaves.
  • While en route to Arendelle City, Andrew Steele hits a wooden plank filled with nails that was in the middle of the road. His bad luck is further increased when a few Yulairian deputies show up at the scene.
  • Finding erratic behavior and warning signs after establishing a baseline for behavioral analysis, Deputy Fuller and Mitz ultimately determine that Steele is involved in more than reckless driving. They let him go with a warning, but in fact intended to follow up an investigation that may lead to further criminal activity. Deputy Fuller submits a request for a warrant to search Steele's medical records.
  • A few hours later, Kristoff and Andrew show up at the drop-off point. It's an old saw mill in the middle of the forest. We quickly discover that they're not alone as two RIA agents disguised as Sheriff Deputies lie in wait with a dead real deputy in the back of their vehicle.
  • The RIA agents surprise the two drivers and force them to surrender. Kristoff quickly figures out that the agents aren't real cops from their threats and mannerisms. Agent Collins tells Kristoff that he's about to go down for smuggling 8,000 gallons of moonshine across the nation and gunning down an officer of the law. Collins explains that he will claim to have killed Kristoff in self-defense...he then promptly kills Kristoff with a volley of bullets from his tommy gun.
  • Agent Mitchell knocks out Andrew. Their only reason for not having killed him too is that they don't know who he is and hadn't planned to deal with him. They decide to lock him up in the back of the vehicle. They place the dead deputy's body on the nearby ground. We learn that the Agents even went so far as to break into Kristoff's home to steal his actual revolver. They place the revolver on Kristoff's corpse before calling dispatch.

October 5th, 2015 2.0 DELUXE edition V: Elsa's Revenge Special Edition Holofoil Synopsis (Alpha)Edit

  • Tonight on Appearance Prime time TV, it's WHEEL. OF. MISFORTUNE, with your host--heeeeree's HADESSSSSSS!!!
  • Our first contestant, straight outta Arendelle, it's everybody's favorite queen of the cold, seductress of snow-Queen Elsa! Tonight she'll be playing for the soul of Sir Raccoon--the recently deceased High Constable of Arendelle, who's extreme military prowess puts his soul at a whopping 10,000 peasants!
  • Alright, folks, you know the game--blue, Elsa gets the soul. Red, Hades gets hers. Say it with me! WHEEL. OF. MISFORTUNE!
  • What's this?! Elsa's done it! She won the soul! Right before our eyes, Appearance, Hades is beaten for only the third time ever in the history of this game show! Oh, but what's this?...
  • Hades has a surprise up his sleeve--the second part of the game show. If she can swim in the deadly river Styx long enough to find the Constable's soul, she can take him home with her. Unfortunately for her, the aging properties of the river ensure no one ever wins WHEEL. OF. MISFORTUNE!
  • What's this?! She's swimming in the river! Look at the determination on her face! SHE HAS THE CONSTABLE! BY ZEUS, SHE'S SWIMMING ASHORE! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE, FOLKS!
  • It seems there's some commotion about he Fountain Of Youth--that's right, folks, the fabled ageless elixir Jack Sparrow found in like the fourth movie or something. Let this be known as the day Hades almost killed Queen Elsa of Arendelle.
  • Well, that's a wrap, folks. Elsa is the winner! Thanks for watching, WHEEL. OF. MISFORTUNE! *theme music*
  • In the overworld, Andrew Steele and Kristoff are still hauling all that illegal moonshine illegally. Andrew hits a natural spikestrip and ends up out of commission on the side of the road, at the mercy of the Sentinels that show up to badger him. He is lead to believe that he was pulled over for speeding, and that his fake backstory is airtight. They let him off with a warning--but in reality they recommend quiet surveillance to the dispatcher, so that they might get closer to the bottom of the case of the smuggled moonshine.
  • Andrew and Kristoff arrive ath McDuck's drop-off point... but their contacts aren't there. You know who is there? Agents Collins and Mitchell, of the RIA! *theme music*
  • Agent Collins guns Kristoff down and proceeds to doctor the crime scene to make it appear Kristoff murdered a local police deputy and that Collins killed him back in self defense. Mitchell knocks out Andrew--they had somehow failed to take him into their calculations... They need to know more about him before they can proceed.

October 6thEdit

  • Elsa leaves Hades and proceeds directly to the Ice Palace on North Mountain, where she drives Sir Raccoon's soulstone into his heart. He is resurrected as Sir Raccoon the White and she brings him up to speed on what happened during the 6 months he was dead.
  • Armed with her newly-approved license to carry, Chrysanthemum Jackson goes to Pete's Gun Shop and picks herself up a Webley revolver. He even throws in a box of ammo for free.

October 7thEdit

  • Queen Elsa decides to stick it to the man. She rounds up a large military force and blocks off the streets around the Yulairian Embassy and Nordelle Airbase. Here is a more or less exact transcript:

Elsa: Dontelli, get out here and negotiate with me! Dontelli: We don't negotiate with terrorists! Elsa: Aw come on this is what you do to me when you want a meeting. Dontelli: I--no, but--jfc we had reason reasons that are semi legitimate. Elsa: Oh yeah? Well we've got semi legitimate reason reasons as well! Dontelli: We won't shoot until you shoot! Esla: WELL NEITHER WILL WE! Several Hours later Elsa: Sooo we're going to go home, but we're coming back later again. Dontelli: But we don't even need that building? Elsa: Idc, my point still stands. Dontelli: But emergency services? Elsa: Yeah, I researched those on the tech tree. Dontelli: -.- Fuller: Hey, Elsa, gtfo! Elsa: Shut up, Fuller. Dontelli: Let me send you a threatening letter about how we're either going to leave or take over your planet if you don't cut this shit out. Elsa: Let me read your threatening letter and ask parliament what to do about it. De Vil: What do we do, guys? Almost everyone: Let's attack them if they try to subjugate us. Weselton: But Yulair's kinda cool I guess? Arendelle: Stfu Weselton. Kronk: But Llamas! Beckett: Good plan. Let Yulair leave, then Vlenoya will be their best friends! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN Later that night... Barbossa: Hey Jack. Let's go mess with Vlenoya. Jack Sparrow: Alright let's go.

  • Also, on Atlantis, Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible tests Asami's new Iron Man suits from Dead Space.

October 8thEdit

  • Sir Raccoon meets with Doctor Strasse. Strasse introduces Sir Raccoon to experiment 626, otherwise known as Stitch, and experiment 625, Reuben.
  • Sir Raccoon later meets with Prince Hans at a tavern to discuss re-arming the South Islander Army as a branch of A.N.D.F.
  • Hades opens Pandora's box and congratulations! It's a girl! Out pops Pandora. She's pretty pissed off at Hades for keeping her cooped up in that box for the last two-hundred years.
  • Athena arrives in the Underworld just in time to question Hades about his Yulairian visitors. She informs Hades, Pandora, and Megara that Zeus isn't too pleased with all the shit that's been going down on Arendelle. Mount Olympus is considering taking action for the first time in nearly a millenia. Hades doesn't seem inclined to lend his support to the cause, but is convinced to do so by Megara.
  • Gandalf calls up Scott by dialing the Underworld on a payphone. He begins questioning his nephew on some of his life choices. He convinces Scott to pay his mother a visit on-down-the-line. Scott ends up breaking Hades Enterprises's bi-lines by telling Gandalf about Pandora and the symbol that came out of the box. Unfortunately, that's the end of their conversation because Gandalf's holding up the line at the payphone. Buttgoblin needs to make a call!

October 9thEdit

  • Zeus and Ares are having band rehearsal when Athena shows up and convinces them to help her give Elsa a much needed P.R. boost over the Yulairians. Zeus and Ares agree to do it so long as they can perform a concert for the mortals afterward.
  • The Arendellian Government is having a press conference in the Palace Courtyard when Mount Olympus appears in the clouds above the city in a miraculous display. Athena descends from the heavens and begins telling her account of the Arendellian Great War. She accuses the Yulairians of having given the South Islander Secret Police falsified information that caused them to fire upon the fleet in the Kamoura Gulf at the start of the war. It turns out that the South Islanders thought that the ship was carrying weapons that were being smuggled into Vlenoya to arm Minotaur slaves against the government.
  • The populance becomes outraged when they learn of this treachery. Queen Elsa in particular is foaming from the mouth at having been tricked. Athena pledges the support of Mount Olympus to Queen Elsa and the Arendellian government in the interest of driving the Yulairians off. Elsa humbly accepts.
  • SUDDENLY IT'S EVERYBODY'S FAVORITE ROCK GROUP! ZEUS AND THE OLYMPIANS! Here's our lineup everybody! Zeus as vocals and rhythm guitar! Aries is on drums! Helios is on base guitar! Last but not least, Apollo's on lead guitar! The band performs a pretty metal anti-Yulair song. The audience cheers and applauds their performance, but it isn't clear whether they actually enjoyed it or if they were just trying to avoid getting incinerated by a lightning bolt...
  • Fordo has catches up with his resident rodent, Mouse, who has been working on his armor. Mouse reveals that he was pulled into TTVerse via a wormhole while infiltration is brother Al's (that's A-L) muenster smuggling ring.

October 11th & 12th Edit

  • Colonel Dontelli meets with Queen Elsa, Athena, and Hades at Arendelle Palace. She agrees to try and help Arendelle leave Yulair and the Core Senate, but only under her careful instruction.
  • The Arendellian DEFCON level is lowered to 4. It'll be back at 5 in the next 48 hours.
  • Sir Raccoon (already drunk) visits Groot at the flowershop and gets even more smashed on alcohol. His presence attracts business for the diner/bar in the form of Royal Guard Veterans. The shop quickly profits from this new form of clientele.
  • Yulairian Deputies Fuller and Mitz visit the flowershop to follow up on the Kristoff/Andrew Steele case.
  • Queen Elsa reveals to Sir Raccoon that she never intended for Yulair to be permanent residents in her Kingdom. It's revealed that she was only using them to stabilize her powerbase so that she could rule the planet. Now that she's obtained absolute power, she doesn't intend for Arendelle to be their protectorate anymore. Sir Raccoon thinks that this is metal as fuck and is behind it 100%. #EvilElsa

October 13th Edit

  • DR. Tourny informs the Hive's resident witch Sarah that she will be his date to the BlyDonian Ball. He also informs his drones that they were not invited. Sorry, guys.
  • Groot attempts to explain to Lily why she shouldn't try to beat up the bullies on the playground.
  • Sir Raccoon challenges Dancegoblin (aka Michael Jackson) to a dance off in Mr. Boogley's Diner. Kuzco tags in and seals the deal, telling Dancegoblin to improve his groove before challenging him again.
  • Sir Raccoon subjects Junie to tickle torture. She reprimands him and tells him to harass Gerry instead. He does so eagerly, getting gravy spilled all over Donald Duck in the process. Gerry didn't seem to mind though ;).

October 14th Edit

  • On their way to the BlyDonian Ball, the Kilana experiences catastrophic failure due to internal freezing. Dontelli and Captain Kilhelm are spooked (suspiciously), and Elsa is apparently framed for the deed and arrested.
  • On Telumara, Darover Guills (Agent of the Core Senate and professional asshole) comes to give Anna a deal. She can either let her sister face life in prison, or agree to an extortionate trade deal. She refuses both caustically, and is subsequently arrested due to the lack of freedom of speech laws on Telumara.
  • The BlyDonian Ball occurs. Notable invited guests are DR. Tourny, King Bly, Queen Julia, Prince Robert, Princess Hannah, Hades, Megara, Pereena Jatson, and Malley Viss, Commander Wolf, Aer-May, Sarah the Witch, Asami Sato, Queen Kida, Tony Stark, Slenderman, Margaret Thatcher, Abby Sciutto, Anubis, Ronald Hoosier and his wife, and a bunch of other important dignitaries that I don't know the names of. Also in the House are Dr. House, Jack Harkness, and the Doctor. Sadly, the Iron Giant was not able to fit in the ball room. Providing musical entertainment are Johannes Brahms and his orchestra, featuring Ludvig van Beethoven on piano.
  • Pereena goes around seducing everyone, House and Kida trade jabs; Asami, Tony, and Abby talk tech, Hades and Wolf have a joke-off, Hades and Anubis have some delightful conversation, and Sarah turns Pereena ticklish and periwinkle.
  • Meanwhile, Hades seems worried about Elsa and Anna's absence.
  • Back on Arendelle, Sir Raccoon is outraged about his family being taken away from him. He rallies all the nationalists, extremist, and royalists behind his brand new dark lord cape and gets himself declared temporary King of Arendelle. The DEFCON timer is counting down.
  • [1]

October 16th Edit

  • The Doctor and Jack Harkness board the TARDIS and go to En'ton, where the snatch up Veckley and ask him for assistance in locating Queen Elsa. They proceed directly to Arendelle, where the friendly marines invite them into their high-priority command bunker because they said please. Turns out the Doctor and Jack had received Arendelle's brief distress call (even though they probably shouldn't have, but they could still do this stuff even if they hadn't due to the presence of a heavy jamming field around the planet) and tried to find the Queen at the ball to get the low down. When she didn't show up, they decided things had gone sour and their adventure began!
  • Kuzco tells Junie about his visions of a stage in the diner.
  • In the past, it is revealed that Dontelli had her reservations about a certain mission Letanya assigned her. Don't worry, Dontelli. She's one of the good guys.
  • In the present, Yulair knows Veckley left (he's off the hook or something by the way so he doesn't belong to them.) and some suspicious Yulairians appear out of nowhere after a man talks gibberish at a sentinel. Letanya and her Spook-patrol begin acting more spooks. She pictures what the galaxy would look like as a figure ornament on her desk. A hotheaded Sentinel, Reese Reeney, observes the final test of a new implementation into their uniforms - and ultimately their vehicles.
  • Sir Raccoon is ecstatic that Veckley has returned. The Doctor eats some bananas and explains Elsa and Anna's situation. Veckley gives General Dr. Strasse a blaster.
  • Aubrey Hale goes to Gandalf and asks him to rally whatever Yulairian support he can find. Gandalf seems skeptical, but he's not exactly faced with good options. He goes to ask Prometheus for advice--he isn't much help either.
  • Bly does a mean Peruvian barista. Yulair is setting up a modular HQ there. Guess who's getting bombed first?
  • Pavan and Hoosier shoot the breeze. Hoosier recommends they not do anything. Pavan seems down for that.
  • DEFCON timer 31 hours. RPers, pls. Pls think of children.

BACKLOGGED: October 17th - 19th Edit

  • The revolutionaries that kidnapped Elsa take her and Anna to intercept a convoy full of Yulairians and Civillians headed to Arendelle. The revolutionaries request that she freeze the engines of the largest cruiser. She does so, leaving it unable to maneuver. This opens it up to an attack by pirates, which is quickly foiled by Commodore Letanya. They were set up! The pirates try to showboat, but when the Dubrillion shows up they are forced to stand down and accept arrest. Since this was all a setup by Letanya, Dontelli is outraged that she was willing to let civillians get hurt. Letanya says there was no danger and they captured some notorious pirates.
  • BlyDonia gets suspicious when Queen Elsa and Princess Anna don't show up to the ball. Pavan 1 approaches Hades and wonders what's up. Hades is all like "blah blah Yulairians ate them". So then all of BlyDonia's Pavans entered negotiations with Yulair and Arendelle to try and get them free. The first meeting went spectacularly poorly, most of the progress being made by the original Pavan and Hoosier afterwards. It is decided that Kalicki will examine the Arendelle public to see if Raccoon's claims that they don't support Yulair are valid. Judging by the ruined museum exhibits, his case seems sound.
  • Letanya dispatches Zelgo, Susy, and Bruce on a secret mission. She gives them a message to deliver upon arrival. It was: _________, freeze only the case, biyatch.
  • In the second BYA talk meeting, Letanya suggests Yulair withdraw to Vlenoya only to run an operation funded by BlyDonia. Arendelle is all for this because it gets rid of Yulair and their supporters.
  • The insurgents and royals proceed to a corrupt city-ridden planet and pay off some police officers to turn a blind eye to their gathering of reinforcements and regrouping with Hans and Cruella. They all pack up on their little ships again and fly to the Core Senate Capital planet, where Pilot demands Elsa freeze the Senate's database of blackmail. Remembering the secret message, Elsa freezes only the case! IT WAS A YULAIRIAN SETUP! Bruce Steelflower grabs her and Anna and gets the hell outta dodge, leading to an epic NFS-style car chase. Unfortunately, the robbers can't get through the teeny gap in the road block because they're playing with a controller, so the cops catch'em.
  • Letanya proceeds directly to the Core Senate headquarters with all of the blackmail Yulair found and arrests its leaders, declaring the Senate disbanded and ushering in the New Yulairian Order!

October 20th Edit

  • King Raccoon meets with Ambassador Long via BlyDonian communications. The King expresses a desire to enact political and social reforms to catch Arendelle up with the rest of the galaxy on certain controversial topics after having been dissed by Yulair. Ambassador Long is pleased with this gesture and tells the King that the BlyDonian government will be sending him a list of suggested policy changes.
  • King Raccoon then meets with Gary in his office. Gary has been leading workers's unions throughout Arendelle and is the champion of the poor and middle class. Gary introduces the following concepts to the King: minimum wage for high-risk professions, a 40 hour work week and 8 hour work day, time and a half, and medical compensation for being injured on the job because of poor working conditions. King Raccoon supports these ideas wholeheartedly before even being shown Gary's petition. He intends to sign these suggestions into law by the end of the week. Any corporate fatcats that try to get out of it will be taxed for 25% of their total income.
  • Finally, King Raccoon meets with Parliament. He brings up the issue of abolishing the death penalty. The representatives are mostly opposed to abolishing it because of lack of faith in rehabilitation and the costs behind it. Although the King is able to convince most of them to go through with abolishment after suggesting that sentencing criminals to hard labor will be a cheap way of completing government construction projects. Kronk was in favor of doing away with the death penalty all along because it's not dank. Good guy Kronk.
  • Elsa is held at an undisclosed location by the Royal Intelligence Agency. Agent Kobra Bubbles informs her that the Agency is fed up with her actions as monarch and will no longer support her. Bubbles intimidates Elsa into signing an agreement that will increase the legitimacy of King Raccoon's rule. Elsa is also to marry King Raccoon and become his Queen Consort.
  • King Raccoon contacts Asami utilizing newly installed BlyDonian comms in the Palace.

October 24th Edit

  • Andrew Steele spies upon the McDuck Estate from a fair distance away. After donning his rad new powered armor prescribed to him by Doctor Octopus (damn! my doctor won't even prescribe me antibiotics), he hops the fence, whoops the asses of a couple of guards, and then infiltrates the mansion.
  • Andrew interrogates McDuck and finds out that the millionaire is just a victim of circumstance in all of this. The Royal Intelligence Agency threatened to topple McDuck's financial empire unless he cooperated with them in sending Kristoff off to Granite Ridge with the load of moonshine. Andrew believes him and mercifully spares his life.

October 25th Edit

  • We learn that Athena is evidently up to something nefarious. She is not upset with Yulair choosing to remain on the planet and she seems thrilled by BlyDonia's subsequent arrival. She is apparently looking to spread Olympus's "influence" across the far-flung corners of the galaxy. PRO-TIP for noobz: They're not in it for political power or territories.
  • We also learn from Athena that Raccoon may be the second Hercules. His death in august put Olympus at a disadvantage, but with him having recently been crowned King, all is now going according to her plan.

October 27th Edit

  • Andrew breaks into the Royal Intelligence Headquarters building to discover why they killed Kristoff. He chooses to infiltrate the building at night when most of the staff are gone. He makes his entry through a skylight Mission Impossible-style.
  • After doing a bit of looking around, Andrew finds out that most of the information within Kristoff's file has been marked as restricted and has been relocated to the depositary. Andrew makes his way to the depositary while a security guard stumbles upon the mess Arendelle's newest vigilante made during his entrance.
  • At the depositary, Andrew finds a cardboard box containing all of the information on Kristoff's case. This includes documentation, photographs, and Kristoff's revolver. One particular piece of information stands out from all of the others:


Date: June 13th, 2015

By order of her royal majesty, Queen Elsa of Arendelle, the Royal Intelligence Agency is to eliminate Kristoff Bjorgman so that he does not marry Princess Anna. Intimidation has been attempted, but it is no longer an option. If war breaks out with the South Islanders, we may simply be able to rid ourselves of this problem by pulling his draft card."

  • Along with the order that brought about Kristoff's death, Andrew discovers the names of the two agents that confronted him and Kristoff at the saw mill in Granite Ridge.
  • It's around this time that an RIA Nighthawk Commando enters the depositary. The vampire commando is armed with a newly developed cryo-blaster and some state-of-the-art ArenArmor, but Andrew emerges as the victor of their brawl. He takes the vampire's cryo-blaster and utilizes it against the hordes of agents that try to stop him.
  • Everyone's favorite man of steele is ultimately able to make it back to the same part of the building he originally entered from. He uses the cryo-blaster's final bits of ammunition to freeze over the doors with ice; he then promptly discards the weapon. After emerging back on the roof, he scales the side of the building and leaps onto an adjacent building's rooftop. He continues moving rooftop to rooftop until he is home free. TTverse Mercenaries Mode Score: SS

November 2nd, 2015 Edit

AU1 Edit

  • The Sith Empire makes it's first appearance of the RPG in AU1. Imperial forces under the command of Darth Kalliste raid the Jedi enclave on Ossus with devastating results.
  • Kalliste's onslaught is only slowed by the appearance of Jedi Master Talben Foelin, who proceeds to engage her in a fierce duel. Kalliste is the ultimate victor of their skirmish, but Foelin manages to escape thanks to help of Veckley Az'klia. The duo successfully evades the Imperial Starfighter Corps as they make the jump to hyperspace.

November 3rd, 2015 Edit

  • In the thriving capital of Vlenoya, VFPD, VFSB and Yulairian officers throughout the city are led on high-speed, wild pursuits, attempting to apprehend internationally Most Wanted criminal Raymond "Red" Reddington, who devised a plan for multiple decoys to distract them long enough for his escape. Reddington and Dembe narrowly escape onboard an expatriot ferry bound for an outlying island whereby those dissatisfied with the country can leave off-world or seek refuge in other continental nations.