Kingdom of the Southern Isles
South Isles Flag
the flag of the South Isles

Kingdom of the Southern Isles

Other names

The South Isles


South Islander

Official languages

Galactic Basic


Federal Monarchy

King of the Southern Isles Eric (deceased)

Federal Council


Crown of the South Isles


South Islander High Court

Capital galaxy

Appearence Galaxy

Capital planet

Arendelle (planet)

Capital city


Annexed by

Kingdom of Arendelle

State religions

Greek Pantheon


South Islander Mark


The South Isles Military

The Kingdom of the South Isles consisted of a chain of one large and ten smaller islands in the Zyemn Sea. It once held a number of oversea territories and colonies on the continent of Vlenoya until after the conclusion of the Gray Október Conflict whereby the Yulairian Civilization was granted the territories.

Like Arendelle, the Kingdom of the South Isles was a monarchy. The former ruler of the Isles was King Eric Westergaard. The Isles's Navy was it's most prominent defensive feature, being regarded as the best in the world. Although a stroke of bad luck saw the entire navy devastated during the Arendellian Great War of Unification.

Government and Politics Edit

The Chief of State was the King, who held unlimited power. The Commander-in-Chief was also the King. Underneath the King was a High Command made up of high-ranking military generals and admirals instead of royals. The various districts of the Isles were overseen by governors, but they received little representation and were often prone to corruption.

The Isles were highly militarized to the point that the government sometimes looked more like a military dictatorship instead of a monarchy. This was further backed up by kangaroo trials and excessively cruel forms of punishment for those that objected to the way of things. Magic was outlawed in the South Isles after the Mai-ben'Mach and was punishable by death if one was caught performing it. Slavery still existed in the form of capturing mythical creatures and forcing them to perform labor. Human slavery was illegal, but the Isles had little quarrel about enslaving hobgoblins, kobolds, or minotaurs.

Economy Edit

South Isle Uniforms

Uniforms of the South Isles military.

Because the Isles consisted mostly of beaches, marshes, and swamps, they had a difficult time growing certain kinds of crops due to flood waters. Sugarcane, tobacco, and rice were the three main life crops of the Isles. Metalwork factories existed, but were almost exclusive to the major settlements.

Trivia Edit

  • The ideologies of the South Isles and Chevalier Party are extremely similar in many ways. Their flags even share some similarities.